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    A war in the period of
    <p> in the dream, I do not know why she came to me. Every day her feel depressed appearance, it is, so I have to tell her something, she slowly became cheerful, often on the face of flower up. </p>
    <p> together for a long time, many misunderstandings are gone with the wind before, we also became close, together happy together. </p>
    <p> time flies, the war also quickly spread to us here, we hand in hand,july 6 air max, together to find the place where we belong. </p>
    <p> after go through untold hardships, we came to a small island. There is no war, no then fall on evil days, we have settled down here, I also participated in the local forces, to save the world of chaos. </p>
    <p> over many years,女人胸大无脑是真的吗?_真爱女性热门话题_真爱女性社区_都市女性时尚生涯感情论坛_真, the war will be over, I with excitement to belong to our island for tragedy staged, but often, when I get back, there will be submerged in the sea. Many people have been mercilessly swept to sea waves. As I prepare to go aboard the rescue, you pull me don't let me go, I said: "if I die, you must live"; </p>
    <p> I'm a pull-up, each big waves, many people a had disappeared, and eventually a huge wave knocked over my. </p>
    <p> has only your appearance has been flashing constantly,自动查缺补, and we agreed that together to said of a couple. </p>
    <p> do not know how long after, I woke up, was also the end of the war, all the way back to the original look. </p>
    <p> I do not hesitate to call you, tell you I was alive, I see you. </p>
    <p> she said I will not see you, you don't call me. </p>
    <p> I think you have to find their own happiness. </p>
    <p> I in the corner, silently watching you, watching you and your handsome lover, I think we really like this the end? </p>
    <p> day, I plucked up to your usual place, just want to say a word to you, sorry. </p>
    <p> when I saw her, I reached out to hold her, but she pushed me, I stood there,isuzu d-max air filter, not knowing what to do, I fought back the tears not to dirty. </p>
    <p> and I turned to go, she was hugging me, crying, crying to say: "you how don't save your people go,2014 Beijing auto show Foton Daimler to experience the carnival _ industry news _ industry informati, you don't me, remember our agreement?" I hugged her mercilessly, tears like rain hard down the stream, as if the whole world can hear our cry. </p>
    <p> may be the end of all, life can touch her,air max uptempo 97, I think we can start all over again, I can give her happiness; </p>
    <p> however, I think she is very happy, happy, I want to give her everything, she already; in fact I love her, don't just want to give her happiness. </p>
    <p> ></p>

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