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    Year approaching, career "run station" surge phenomenon, lie lie to get money to eat reselling tickets
    Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lai Yixiu
    Young, wearing a down jacket, wearing a watch, carrying bags, yesterday Foshan relief stations to three men, and a direct showdown for money to staff seeking help. Staff check the Internet and found one of them ran at least 39 relief stations,karen millen sale, apparently occupation "running to stand", he does not allow relief, the two sides deadlocked over two hours,, the police finally agreed to give 20 yuan per person, three men He agreed to leave the police car sitting rescue shelter.
    Such occupation "running to stand on,," Let the rescue shelter very upset, Foshan City rescue shelter relevant responsible person said, the end of one of these people soared, usually directly ask for money or tickets, if the relief stations do not agree, these people Sapo will not go very often but can only send money. The official said that for this type of career "running to stand on" to intensify efforts to combat it is best to joint police and other law enforcement agencies to combat.
    Occupational people run station, rescue station row
    Yesterday at 1 pm, Guicheng police station sent the three men, Foshan City rescue shelter, three men dressed, carrying a bag, wearing a watch, including two men dressed in black jacket.
    After registration information, rescue shelter staff for a check, according to rescue national Internet record and found the man from Henan Wang starting from 2011 it has been 39 recorded rescue. Xiao Zhao from Hubei Province from 2012, there are 17 rescue recorded another Oda from Liaoning also has nine records.
    "So many times to run the station, obviously is the professional 'run to stand on,'" rescue Zhanfuzhanchang Gong Biao said that in accordance with the relevant provisions, the three men have significantly more than the number of aid can not be given help. "You do not give money, we will not go." See the staff refused to give money, three men suddenly furious, constantly burst foul language directed at staff, but did not reach the end, one of the men simply want to rush two House looking for leadership. Deadlocked for more than two hours, desperation, Gong Biao called the police station's phone, the police finally agreed to $ 20 per person, leaving three police personnel boarded rescue shelter.
    Reporters learned that such a thing does not happen by chance, not long ago, Foshan relief stations came four "running to stand" after been referred from 16:00 19:00, rescue shelter alarm,, since "running to stand "no injuries,karen millen dress, no damage to property, and the police do nothing. In desperation, relief stations to 70 yuan per person, four people rushed to leave.
    Every year is near, then jumped to help cheat
    The so-called "running to stand on,," is run by the rescue shelter,karen millen outlet, welfare fraud for a living. According to relevant regulations, "city life without the vagrants and beggars management approach" and other relief stations to help rescue personnel belonging to the object, it shall promptly provide relief, can not be denied. The rescue of the way, among them, provide food and lodging, medical care, tickets, etc., and no mention of "money" a. To help prevent cheat,karen millen sale, state regulations, within six months is eligible for assistance three times,, can not give relief.
    Gong Biao told reporters, under normal circumstances, the average monthly assistance station will receive 5-6 career "running to stand on,," but by the end of the year began to soar. January of this year to now, the relief stations has been received 16 career "running to stand on."
    In fact, four years ago and suffered two or three hundred a year to help those who cheat, compared to the current Foshan City rescue shelter to help people cheat has been greatly reduced. "However, the nature of the worse, curse trouble playing pouring, do anything," said Gong Biao, who currently lie mainly in disability aid, 55-year-old to 65-year-olds, 20-year-old to 30-year-olds three individual group, cheat help groups three to five people who use more common way to cheat to help.
    "Some cheat to help directly claim the money, otherwise it been hanging down, and some require tickets to return home, but the staff refused to stamp the ticket, the purpose is to return the ticket money." Gong Biao said that the current Foshan relief stations for help who cheat, try not to give money, only meals, "If you hit a pole by rogue general to dismiss twenty or thirty dollars, up to no more than 100 yuan."
    Occupational "run station" need to increase the fight against
    Reporters learned from the rescue shelter, a few days ago, a man came to the rescue shelter, Foshan City, requires its staff to buy a train ticket. After the staff will enter its national network of information systems, we are shocked: the man surnamed Tao from January 3,babyliss curl secret, 2011 to date, a total of 424 rescue shelter to a national average of one every three days to go to relief stations, simply is the "Help households"!
    Determined not to give money to relief stations, deadlocked after 10 minutes, leaving the man bitterly. According to the staff recalled, there have "running to stand on," Lai Indulge longest deadlocked for 24 hours, and even climb up the roof to jump off the threat of staff to give money for these, the staff are deeply troubling.
    "Put an end to occupation 'run station' phenomenon, a number of departments need for joint efforts,," Gong Biao said, "the public security departments to crack down on those who defraud state property, may be detained under the law; to unify the various national rescue shelter respond to standard, you can not give money for fear of sparking conflicts trouble, it will condone these human greed; rulemaking in more detail, such as 'in principle, to give relief within six months', what is,, in principle, there should not be these general terms. "
    (Original title: Foshan occupation "running to stand" row relief stations: three years "help" 424 times)

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