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    "After Huize guy in Chuxiong theft was caught into the police station died mysteriously" Tracking,air max 90 pas cher
    Huize guy Lei Qingfei (police informed by name) was arrested on suspicion of theft Zixi died mysteriously into the police station. Later, Zixi police station, police on duty was suspended two police officers were someone's Association to stop working. During the incident is still under investigation, the director, why the police on duty were suspended? Chuxiong City police explained to those concerned suspended because "the need to investigate."
    At 9:20 on July 9 about the security department of Yunnan fuel Plant suspected theft Lei Qingfei Chuxiong City Public Security Bureau seized and turned over to the police station to request Zixi investigation. Police station for investigation. Around 16:00,piumini woolrich, opportunity to escape jumping at the second floor of the toilet to relieve themselves,TTCAx83v5P, after being on duty Police Association and police personnel arrested back to the police station to continue the investigation. Later,scarpe hogan, "the body is abnormal,woolrich outlet milano," by Chuxiong People's Hospital died.
    Yesterday morning,I81YNUIol3, the reporter called Chuxiong City Public Security Bureau Lands and supervision room,pPn0ONeUYP, understand progress of the investigation Lei Qingfei deaths. A police that the incident is still under investigation,k7DLy13MmB, the investigation has not yet come to the conclusion that once the results of the investigation will be timely informed.
    Previously, Zhao Lei Qingfei aunt, said Lei Qingfei ago with the death of the police station Zixi fixed telephone to call her,XQ91UWGax8,louboutin pas cher, to lend her 1,000 yuan. Lei Qingfei Why borrow money at the police station? Chuxiong City police briefing that followed,P25T61A835, did not have to explain. This police said, because the incident is still under investigation, the situation is unclear.
    Chuxiong City police this briefing, said: "The police station, police on duty have been suspended in accordance with law Chuxiong City Public Security Bureau, two police officers have been someone's Association stopped working,Ue8P1iy6Ap, accept the relevant departments for investigation." Incident is still under investigation,NNhprn1MmD, these people had been suspended due to any reason and stop working? This police explained that because the investigation needs to be suspended Chuxiong City Public Security Bureau according to the law.
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