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    Video loading, please wait ... AutoPlay play humiliated Office official accused of deliberately wearing pants forward and backward
    Recently, an elderly swim in Sanya, urban clothing was confiscated, "streaking" to municipal rights of news events, continuous fermentation, has been more than a week.

    These two days, and an article entitled "The latest video irrefutable evidence! Bi director clawed ugly face! "Posts in the network of heat transfer, which is named the" three cheap-off ",tn reuqin pas cher, introduced as" a big thing small thing Sanya thing, thing thing talking about "micro-channel public number Push the paper and read the amount of amazing.
    According to boiling Jun (ID: xjb-feiteng) Now to the information, the paper was first yesterday, by the "three cheap-off" publish, circulate in the circle of friends; today the development of the World Forum in Hainan, Sanya Tianya forum and other sites to spread Come. Boiling Jun concern "three cheap-off", but the strange thing is that the public has no information record number is displayed.

    Order boiling Jun shocked that some forwarding, even claimed that the event "great reversal" in the title.

    News surprising reversal, not terrible, terrible is the fact that whenever they want to have a clear objective news, subjectively reversed,piumini moncler, so that "persistent" Dayan Murong son bent recovery has tragic and stupid .

    This article takes Holmes tone, with three sections of the surveillance video, multiple monitors screenshot illustrations to show, analyze the old man's "ugly face." But the authors at the same time "from Hi", but expose some perplexing questions.

    First, the video surveillance come from? Who has the right to access to the surveillance video? Such exposure monitoring really okay? Legal?

    Monitor no more than two, one is the public to monitor the official sector, an individual secretly installed monitoring. Look in the text of the surveillance video, it is likely to flow from the official sector. And if it is out of the Crown, the possibility of only two, one is the official initiative leak, a private steal leak, former alleged misuse of public power, the latter is the case of dereliction of duty of public power.

    Therefore, surveillance video screen is how disclosure must thoroughly investigated. Otherwise, the public can only be a presumption of guilt on the Sanya official. You know, people have the right guess evil public rights, and public power, also have the right to explain, as used or not, how to use,727Fd8cToA, to see local authorities responded to the follow-up.

    Yes, perhaps the old man in the rights process, there is exaggeration and concealment frills place, but not affect the fact that urban brutal enforcement. In other words, no matter how many defects exist in the elderly rights process, can not offset the rough urban law enforcement, the severity related follow-up department capricious process. The two are not, and a shift in the relationship.

    Trying to use someone else's mistake to cover up their mistakes,8jvH5W8Sgu, the result can only be more wrong. Correcting the wrong way, not trying to find each other's mistakes, not "reverse", but reflection.

    Yes, the elderly can be resolved before dressing problem, then solve the rights issue; pay talks jump from ingesting pesticide rights of migrant workers and farmers, but also can be resolved life problems first, and then solve the problem of rights. But the question is if it is not to provoke the eyes and ears of bizarre behavior, will be subject to public attention and the attention of authorities it?

    Whether Sanya local government,6fe86xtxUJ, someone's departments, or really love Sanya, Sanya getting better hope the locals do,aoOFf2E6lJ, is not to prove how bad the northeast old birds, but efforts to find their travel environment, Environmental activists, much less legal environment.

    In this event,tn reuqin pas cher, citizen oversight, public right exposure process suffered setbacks, have come up with a big news was solved. However, if the monitor is really leaking from the official initiative is a public right to fight back, turn the exposure of citizens, that we can think of, the worst result.

    Who leaked the surveillance video? This questioning,IR2piCwTwW, must be answered.

    Related story: someone's Office official responded: indeed something to hide, apologized to the public

    According to news reports surging, December 12 morning,14Cagli2LP, someone's Office official told the surging news, he has seen the contents of the exposure, he admitted in the readme article, as well as things that have to hide in an interview. Biguo Chang said Dec. 4 in the afternoon, he was a taxi to the city government,moncler pas cher, not to go in the past. Thereafter, also went back home to take the camera.

    "I apologize to the media, also apologized to the public." he said at the time he wanted to through the media rights of way, so when you have to hide in the narrative,Funny Charlie Sheen T-Shirts , like "something bigger, to get more people's attention." said he had to hide the situation, but can not change the brutal nature of law enforcement in Sanya,air max 90 pas cher, Sanya City,y5uMAT3Bxu, the government has also had to admit error.
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