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    When he first entered the stock pile of street,hogan outlet, Dong beneficial initiative helped move. Jiang
    □ Morning News reporter Zhang Yuxin
    As a swordsman, he had won the honor of the national fencing champion; as a city management team, he was in law enforcement to be "Swordsman" cut into ten disability - from energetic to the aggrieved, until now pay no regrets truth, Dong and the benefits in different "track" to achieve their own life values. Most recently, he was named the national honor "people's satisfaction civil servants." This is the first award of civil servants, and so far the only one to receive this award on inspectors Jing'an District history.
    Fledgling setback
    Dong Yi is the Jing'an District Urban Administration Bureau law enforcement unit Caojiadu squadron members, before entering the Jing'an District Urban Administration Bureau law enforcement unit, he was a national athlete. 7-year athletic career, Dong Yi won the national tournament of champions on the podium again and again to accept the flowers and applause. "Urban wear uniforms that moment, I determined to make their own work to do." However, with a "champion of the heart," the director of the benefit soon discovered, a series of tests followed.
    When the fledgling directors and the benefits for the first time under the leadership of master participation cityscape inspections, to run into the lane and warn fruit vendors refused to accept the deal with urban education, but also with the car pound watermelon inspectors. Dong was also not beneficial to reflect on, approached and grabbed each other, want with theory. Who can imagine that vendors homeopathic lying on the ground shouted: "! Smash things up, chased hit the" rush hour as a time when the accident occurred quickly packed crowd, there are masses know the truth have accused the inspectors players, but also to help vendors witness. Dong beneficial suddenly ignorant.
    At this time, experienced instructors one pulled him back, then stepped forward to claim the vendors from the ground up, and took the camera from the hands of another teammate, righteous, said: "The truth in the end is what? You know very well, is not we need to ask the police to deal with? "the voice did not fall, the vendors went from the ground up, before the so-called to" testify "Seeing the situation passers also have dispersed. Eventually he accepted the deal with vendors, to the inspectors apologized.
    After being chopped Yidefuren
    What happened behind,, the director of the real benefits to understand the importance of work, and he has paid the price in blood. September 2010 Shanghai World Expo countdown ended, the disposal Nongkou lane and warn become a major problem. One day, Dong Yi led the team of patrol officers in Wanhangdu, met in Nongkou Zhu stall selling crabs, affecting around his stall sanitation and public access. Dong and the benefits immediately stepped forward to persuade education, but not only do not listen to discourage Zhu also verbally threatened,, according to the law and the benefits desperation Dong withheld electronic scales and require its rectification. To pick up the electronic scales beneficial moment in Dong stall suddenly withdrawn from scooters choppers beneficial to the Board following the amputation. Moment,scrape hogan, right arm bleeding profusely Board of benefits. Assist colleagues and the presence of mass murderer in full was subdued, the Board and the benefits were immediately taken to the district hospital. On examination, his right arm tendon is totally cut off,, Meridian has also been cut off three, part arm nerve injury was identified as ten disabled.
    Two months after discharge, director of benefits in case of injury has not healed,, he decided to return to the loving and familiar positions.
    Challenging work everywhere, at any time inspectors need to face the new situation. April 2011, Zhu returned to the cell after serving their sentence Nongkou return to prostitution, and to threaten law enforcement team "Who dares to control me, and he would die." Dong beneficial interest of leaders and colleagues tried to persuade him to avoid, however, the beneficial directors still choose the first time came to do the work.
    He came home Zhu,scarpe hogan outlet, Zhu found that there are real difficulties. Dong and the benefits on the one hand and Zhu repeatedly come to talk, while actively report their contact to help stall aquatic farms to the leadership, I hope he can standardize their operations; on the other hand, the Board of beneficial aspects of communication and farms, eliminating the Zhu three months of the booth fee. Thereafter, the Board and the benefits please farms "Old Master" to Zhu to guide,, from purchase to all aspects of the business hands to teach him. Dong Yi where the squadron leadership based on practical difficulties Zhu for his running-related departments, but also solve the problem of his subsistence.
    A series of actions touched Zhu, Zhu said: "! After chopped Dong, he did not want me to civil compensation, but also help solve the livelihood of our family, I want to thank the inspectors" Since then, not only touched the typical case colleagues, it is touched the hearts of hawkers, probation district residents and property management comrade, so that district Nongkou warn that the problem has finally been resolved satisfactorily.
    Achieve win-win innovation Work Act
    Wang Xiaomei self-employed households wonton shop business for many years,, in the area famous. Every day at noon, will attract many white-collar neighborhoods and commercial buildings patronize. However, due to the small store many customers, wonton shop had to increase the sidewalk tables and chairs moved. To this end, Wang Xiaomei has been subjected to penalties for urban management department. After several field observations, director of benefits found wonton shop business is so popular, there is indeed demand explanation,air max 90 pas cher, if not try to solve wonton shop business premises too small problem, administrative punishment alone is difficult to achieve practical results. But wonton shop and adjacent to a barbecue restaurant, so he saw the problem of hope. "Wonton shop overcrowded every day at noon,piumini woolrich outlet, grill night peak passenger flow, due to the presence of the peak load shifting business conditions, two sites can effectively utilized, and mutual benefit." In his matchmaking, twists and turns, the two shop operator industry finally agreed when the wrong venue interoperable solutions, wonton shop lane disturbing long-term problems are immediately solved.
    In Caojiadu community, the area has a number of franchise businesses fruit, these businesses have varying degrees of occupation road pile fruits,, littering behavior, affect the integrity of the surrounding environment clean and tidy. Dong and the benefits this issue with his colleagues carried out a careful discussion, proposes to upgrade the quality from space management transition, to actively guide the operators of the fruit business ideas.
    Fruit store operators believe that if enough fruit varieties, the price is cheap enough to worry about doing good business in front of them for the environment, cross-door business and other details are not very seriously. Dong beneficial in making shopkeepers to enhance the quality of the fruit business analysis also organize business travel to visit Yueda 889 Square within square fruit business and decoration style template instance,, viewing relevant information developed urban centers in Europe and America fruit retailing.
    Dong and the benefits and colleagues hope that through this attempt, in the touch area of the fruit business to consider while their own future development, driven by various other retail businesses on their own competitiveness improvement, so as to achieve the overall environment to enhance the formation of a unified pace to provide an opportunity .
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