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    The end of 2011,tiffany orecchini, Mr. Wang bought a 257,800 yuan worth of off-road vehicles, and vehicle purchase Anyang branch of China Ping An Insurance Company of all risks.


    At 7:00 on February 2, 2012,adidas samoa femme, Wang found that car is missing, then report. Two days later, he received a police notice Zhengzhou, the case broke, the car found. So, Mr. Wang to bring documents,victoria beckham occhiali da sole, came to the police station of Zhengzhou public security culture Road from Anyang, for vehicle transfer procedures. However, a police official said, according to relevant regulations, the former Wang mention cars, 38,nike shox homme,000 yuan to pay incentive fees.


    Mr. Wang did not understand, police do not work for the people that do,tiffany e co, how to solve the case but also incentive fees The car from the missing to find,scarpe hogan outlet, after less than 72 hours, it is necessary 38,000 yuan After some consultation, Mr. Wang was informed that police charge requirements are well documented.

    &#160,cartier occhiali da vista;

    "Incentive fees" for handling the supplementary fee


    In 1992, the Chinese People's Insurance Company,louboutin mary jane, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the tracing of the restitution of stolen motor vehicle safety notice", after the insurance company to receive stolen vehicles, incentive fees under items stolen vehicles insured amount given to solve the case public security Organs certain percentage of expense, to supplement the cost of the investigation.


    In 1994, the Ministry of Public Security and the China People's Insurance Company jointly issued again "on the strengthening robbery insured motor vehicle tracing restitution of supplementary notice", requires recovery robbery insured motor vehicles and personal reward meritorious unit, the proportion of within the city recovered 10% bonus; this province recovered 15% bonus; inter-provincial recovered 20% bonus. Award funded by the public security organs to receive return of stolen cars, handling the coordination by the internal public security organs to solve the main reward meritorious and provide clues to solve the case of the staff.


    Mr. Wang did not want to take the money, the police say. Police Mr. Wang explained that this money should be the vehicle insurance company. So, Mr. Wang to find an insurance company. Insurance company said: You first advance, so Zhengzhou police out of a bill, we here again otherwise reimbursed.

    &#160,hogan donna 2012;

    After Wang and Zhengzhou police communication, that the police can not give him an invoice. The insurance company responsible person said, do not give invoice, stamped receipt is required.


    Wang learned that the money ultimately from their own insurance policy, because it will affect their credibility in the insurance company, the next time-consuming and not be able to enjoy preferential bail,montblanc occhiali da sole, had to increase security funding.


    This has been frustrating for ten days, because money is not credited 38,000 yuan, Wang was unable to put forward their own car.


    Discrepancies "incentive fee" and the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Public Security


    1994 "supplementary notice" when police charged "incentive fee" is often cited documents. In this regard, the legal profession, in the 1990s, the Chinese People's Insurance Company as state-owned enterprises also bear some administrative functions, to minimize pressure on the insurance company paid, increased funding from the investigators handling the case for the power and security of the public security organs the introduction of the "Supplementary Notice" is understandable, "supplementary notice" between the public security organs Criminal Investigation and insurance claims, he played a guiding role. Today, ten years later,dior occhiali da sole, the spirit of the notice does not necessarily meet the needs of the developing situation.


    After the "Administrative Licensing Law," the implementation of internal regulations contrary to the spirit of the law on administrative licensing should be cleaned. To say the least, even if the notice valid, but also the internal agreement between the Ministry and the Chinese People's Insurance Company, subject to the payment of the insurance company, regardless of the insured, there is no legally binding for the owner. Police charged only incentive fees paid by insurance companies, has no right to require vehicle owners' cash on delivery of the vehicle. "

    &#160,louboutin pigalle prix boutique;

    The legal profession, according to the 1994 "supplementary notice", although afterwards the owner may apply for reimbursement by insurance companies to "advance" the incentive fee, but if the insurance company to assess the actual value of the stolen vehicle in accordance with the terms of the agreement,nike air max ltd homme, who will bear the difference There is no reason in the owner between the police and insurance companies to act as "suckers." In addition, if the owner did not buy pilfer, nor will the owner of the insurance company claims, this is purely incentive fee owners pocket. Even if the insurance company may be reimbursed fleece, related expenditures had scored insurance costs, counted premiums will eventually pay jointly by all policyholders.


    JD Zhengzhou University Liu Jing pointed out that as early as 1998,cartier occhiali da sole, the Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued prosecute on theft, robbery and motor vehicle cases the provisions of article 16 the provisions of the public security organs seized or recovered assist jurisdictions to theft, robbery of a motor vehicle shall be transferred according to law jurisdictions shall be detained or asked to pay for any reason. With 1998, "reiterated the absolute prohibition on the public security organs arbitrary charges,cartier occhiali da vista, fines, levies notice" clearly states that the introduction of the Ministry of Public Security, the public security organs in handling criminal and security cases, strict accordance with the law to be strictly forbidden to charge filing fees , handling fee.


    Therefore, the fight against crime, and recover stolen goods is also complicated by the victim is a statutory duty of public security organs, the owner to reclaim the property is robbery without paying any fees to the police, the police can not solve the case to ask for money to the victims under any pretext. If the public security organs do not perform their duties,bottes louboutin soldes, it will involve administrative omission. To solve the case, even if the police officers to reward meritorious recognition, it should work with financial allocations or funds can not be obtained from the business or the victims, but the owners should not be required in advance "advance."


    Liu Jing said that today's perspective, in 1994 the "Supplementary Notice" a lot of problems. If the police recovered the vehicle robbery should be rewarded, and that is not also uncovered other cases of reward Firefighting is not also the reward Other cases do not award fees, robbery case there is a huge water vehicle, driven by the interests, favoritism is no guarantee that the police do not affect the normal detection of other cases. Even more frightening is that incentive fees will not be extended to other fields, as police overcharged excuse it There are incentives to solve the case, and if the car chase do not come back, the taxpayer is not a claim to the police should do


    Liu Jing said that if then the introduction of this provision is to encourage the public security organs to solve the case, and taking into account grass-roots public security organs handling upset serious shortage of funds, it is now handling the funds in the case of the public security departments have been financial security,bvlgari occhiali da sole, incentive fees seriously damaged the image of the public security organs,hogan interactive donna 2011, easily breed corruption, should be canceled as soon as possible. (According to the "Daily Worker")

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