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    <p> Tan door fishermen have undertaken the task of delivering supplies to the south reefs. Wang Shumao memories that he was convicted support the PLA officers and soldiers, went to the Nansha waters red melon,louboutin soldes, East Gate, South smoked,christian Louboutin Pas Cher, Huayang 7 reefs,air max pas cher femme, "did not want to cook rice cooked rice, to cook porridge without water." Wear on the island said that from 1985 countries to strengthen the South China Sea islands and reefs construction began, usually by a large construction materials to the designated shipping waters, Tan door fishermen are responsible for the material transfer by boat on the island, continues today. At that time, the armed forces will also arrange some uninhabited reefs fishermen to understand the situation,tn soldes, the newspaper sometimes encountered - Fishermen Su Chengfen was armed against the newspaper.</p>

    <p> China's largest network trading platform Alibaba Group, the 11th to break their own e-commerce consumption record, six hours online trading more than 10 billion yuan. At 0:00 on the 11th since the beginning,nike tn 2014, Ali Baba's two shopping site Taobao and Tmall annual online shopping carnival of the first minute to complete the transaction is 340,000, with sales over 100 million yuan. 6.7 billion yuan to complete the transaction within one hour. German "Der Spiegel", said the composition of the four 1 "11 11" has a special meaning in China,barbour france, is China's Singles. It said that it was originally in the 1990s by several college students raised. Singles but now has evolved into a veritable buying frenzy, online retailers sales records continue to be broken. BBC website on the 11th,tn pas chere, said the focus of the electricity supplier website publicity,louboutin soldes, November 11 has become China's net purchases of the most important days of the calendar. Taobao and Tmall other businesses have launched discounted merchandise to attract consumers. "Double 11" online shopping carnival when first appeared in 2009.</p>

    <p> "hurts!" In 1983, Wu Shuguang Tanmen people with a few people,nike tn officiel, among Boycott quietly out to sea. Prior to 30 years time, "small boat,chaussure air jordan pas cher, risks" as the main reason to prohibit fishermen go Tanmen Nansha. Years later, Wu Shuguang second son Wu Shangxing on the "Oriental Outlook Weekly", recalled that when one person aboard 40 tons of fishing, quietly,air max pas cher pour femme, "chipped in to Nansha." Wu Hai interrupted by three sons: "Nansha is our." Now think about it, they are quite scared, because "a person on board" - they become part of the reform and opening up China's first aircraft to China's Nansha job privateers. Let Wu brothers remember a plot was leaking water tank on board en route, only docked Taiping Island, "Pacific island archaeological team from Taiwan to let the military to give us water, saying,nike tn officiel, 'We do not speak of politics'." He also remembers the island's defenders say that the future development of the South China Sea islands should all recover. Back to Tam door,woolrich prezzi, Wu Shuguang captain's license was revoked. However, "when soldiers to investigate,zanotti pas cher, he said the state also want to Nansha." Ding Yue memories.</p>

    <p> Taobao's daily trading volume less than 100 million yuan,nike requin, but last year's total of 19.</p>

    <p> said the day's shopping frenzy highlights the continued rapid development of e-commerce in China is expected this year, China will surpass the United States as the world's largest e-commerce market. South Korea,peuterey donna, "Chosun Ilbo" said the face of the rapid growth of China's online shopping market, global companies are busy a place, some experts believe,nike store, on the issue of entering the Chinese online shopping, is not an option and thus must not enter into the question. Singles become the world's biggest shopping carnival "6 hours turnover of HK $ 12.6 billion, China 'Singles' ignite the world's biggest shopping carnival," Hong Kong "South China Morning Post" Web site on the 11th as the title says.</p>

    <p> when the town government - the district office immediately to their superiors suggestions, re-development of Nansha. This proposal was approved in 1984, the then agriculture and fisheries.PreviousVideo loading,tn requin, please wait .. AutoPlay & nbsp; play Double Ten subnet purchase foreign media hot lead forward and backward[Global Times roundup 55 seconds transactions exceeded 100 million yuan, 6 minutes and 7 seconds turnover reached one billion yuan, one hour turnover of over 6.7 billion yuan ... November 11, along with China's largest online shopping business Ali Baba to produce real-time "at the box office," the world's largest online shopping spree grand show in front of the world-wide frame. "Double 11" was originally Chinese people "invented" Singles, but e-commerce businesses in centralized marketing and hundreds of millions of people by clicking on the "buy" carried out under the joint interaction contrast, online shopping carnival is far overshadowed by the name of the first 4 "1" meaning had been given. When Ali Baba day "box office" finally fixed at 35 billion, "the Chinese version of the creation of economic model" has been the most powerful interpretation, but also to the outside world to see a new growth point of China. "New York Times" on the 11th.</p>

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