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    LONDON Oct. 12 news: According to the "Oriental Morning Post" reported that domestic violence affair, which makes the 60-year-old Yu a city model workers still live together after the divorce to the husband intolerable. In May this year, Yu a use sleeping pills, electric shocks,tn reuqin pas cher, iron hammer, screwdriver,hc41981Uc1, etc. to the high of a brutal murder of her ex-husband.
    Yesterday, the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court hearing the case, with the villagers Yu a joint request a lighter sentence.
    After the incident lied contract killings
    60-year-old Yu is a Crab breeding expert on Changxing Island, won the title of the municipal model workers, usually helpful. Six months before the incident, Yu a high of a divorce with her ex-husband, but still live together in one place.
    May 9 this year, Yu a sleeping pill with a pre-prepared into a high tea in her ex-husband, until the other was asleep, she first electric shock stick high of a left hand, until she woke up after the high of a contrast pushing, until the high of a fall down the stairs,g7Tyqm8jY9, she was struck with an iron hammer continuous high of a head, and then use a screwdriver to poke its head, causing his brain severely injured and died.
    Case materials show that after committing the crime she had readme motive and recorded with the phone, the recording she said spent 80,000 yuan for incitement to murder the high of a joint. Yesterday's court session, a Yu told the truth, "I killed him, very cruel, let a person know I did this thing too ashamed, so it made out to hire someone to say."
    The incident the next day,TsieLbQM8a, Yu said her ex-husband killed an alarm, and police do not know who the killer is saying. "I know you want to kill for life,woolrich outlet italia, tried to commit suicide,1IYuz607AS, but police investigations touched me, plus daughter advised me, so give up the idea of suicide." May 13 morning, Yu a,M51uao0q4P, accompanied by her daughter went to Chongming Changxing Island the police station to surrender.
    Four front teeth had been knocked out
    Trial,doudoune moncler soldes, Yu repeatedly talking about a sentence: "good heaven day, however,bApqfamQlP, had insisted the day of hell." Yu said some, "their high divorce and it was the other side of a persecution, he helped people everywhere lawsuit, she lost on the ignition. Family relocated him to do 'nail house', has been angry. I was a model worker, but also a party , so after thinking about divorce so that first relocation own government that part of the property. "
    Yu affair is a another reason to hate her ex-husband. Yu said that a divorced husband rear-known early improper relationship with a nanny. "The two of them together before the divorce, no wonder he had been playing I have been angry with me."
    Yu defended the direction of a court that, in addition to emotional problems and demolition disputes, Yu has long lived in the shadow of a domestic violence. "Her four front teeth are high of a break of the high of a further threatened to cut off her head, it can be said Yu is a living death."
    Yu said he has repeatedly in a patient,Om4c52QyMU,piumini woolrich, the result is never-ending quarrels and abuse,scarpe hogan online, before the incident own head full of ideas are "not to kill her ex-husband will be mad."
    It belongs to limited capacity
    It is reported that, according to the judicial identification of mental illness, some suffer from stress-related disorders depression, are limited capacity responsible. A Yu also said her high on both sides of a family history of mental illness.
    In addition, the defense also submitted to the court a joint request copies of the letter, the contents are model workers and local village,bz10776Hw0, 254 villagers asked the court to sign a lighter sentence.
    The case will choose a sentencing date.
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