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    <p> too timid to answer questions in class. Ye Qiaorong with everyone encouraged her to play the game, have a good time her voice involuntarily big up, she slowly began to boldly express their own ideas,abercrombie & fitch, and others will have a score to give praise. These are the subtle influence on students . Every Monday morning, four students outside the house standing in a row, jerky anthem singing teacher, see the side line on the pole of the flag rise up. Painting surface due to the quiet and more solemn. In contrast, although not the city kids my age there are so many fashionable toy, but students here on the plains and mountains, palm-sized piece of nature as partners.</p>

    <p> from morning till evening with rustic teacher, never a lack of laughter . 33 years had never requested leave In addition to teaching, Ye Qiaorong also responsible for students' lunch. Book taught 33 years, she gave the students do a 33-year lunch. Two days ago, the leaders of Ningguo City Board of Education made a special trip up the mountain, to Maotan Elementary School sent a fridge and a cooker. said city leaders and Township Central Primary School for them has been very concerned, last year invested in a new place in the classroom,abercrombie et fitch, whenever wind and rain, will call asked about the situation of teaching points, and asked a few. Classroom walls of a hut is used as a kitchen, freezer new refrigerator already stuffed to the brim,moncler outlet, which is the teachers and students at noon a plate of leftover vegetables,nike air max, tofu, chili beans, as well as duck, rice and seaweed soup has been finished. "This is really timely, like." said that before the dish is in the mountains a grocery store.</p>

    <p> three teachers, two were later transferred to the foot of the Central Primary School to teach,zanotti chaussure pas cher, but she stayed active. Out to teach the idea had flashed in her mind, but soon gave up, "How can this village deep in the mountains no schools, no teachers." Now, home is in the village, the old mother also need care, not out of the mountains of Ye Qiaorong more. The children never lack laughter During the break,barbour femme, outside the classroom suddenly heard the sound of branches whip and child's laughter. Soon, Zhu Cheng-hao one hand and a pear ran in: "Teacher Chili!" Originally, the house planted with a tall pear tree above has been laden with fruit. Children bouncing around, with a slender bamboo pear shot down. The beat down enough to have more than a dozen, eat would be placed in the corner of the stairs. Yeqiao Rong said that pear tree 20 years. "In earlier years looks good, is short and less fruit." Seven or eight years ago,parajumpers 2015, she and her husband spent two days to block the sun pear cut a small piece of bamboo,piumini peuterey, pear also seeing a robust day , and now it would be the kids' fruit bowl. " A jump rope, a basketball, playing most of their equipment. Classroom before a little lime on the ground with chalk painted "hopscotch" map,louboutin prix, taught only once, the students will be drawn. "Now people can not play a little." he said,air max homme, before a dozen student,woolrich milano, she took everyone's favorite play, "reported the number of games." "Teacher, I want to drink tea." Loud freshman wish Cheng-hao and ran into the classroom, he had a chase with partners Fengpao basketball thirsty. Yeqiao Rong smiled and got up to give him some water,louboutin femme pas cher. Here only a very shy little girl Yuxin Tong,scarpe hogan.</p>

    <p> and now the four count the least. We had an opportunity to leave the initiative to leave 1979, she graduated from high school became one the most literate people in the village, a local primary school teacher, a youth because of exams left, out of a school for the recruitment essay - my favorite people. Ye Qiaorong written had taught her, for her deep impact of a Yang. "Examination teacher, the teacher wrote,hollister 2015," marking the article touched people, so she stands out from five or six candidates, and got his wish to become a teacher. Now think of these, Ye Qiaorong still thankful for the article. She said she was too fond of children and teachers in this profession, which she insists is the greatest force for 33 years in the mountains of the podium. There is also a power from her husband Zhengxin Guo, of "medals" in half of her husband. Husband is also a high school graduate knows the importance of knowledge, 30 years has been quietly working to support his wife, he never complained,abercrombie italia, book a few days ago when the school that he transported from the foot up. Like others in the village,barbour femme, like the two Zhengxin Guo Tengen busy picking pecans, which is also home to the main industry. As a farmer,magasin hollister, he was proud of his wife's career. 33 years, Ye Qiaorong not no chance of the mountains,sneakers zanotti pas cher, a dozen years ago, Mao Tan primary school has five grades.</p>


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