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    <p> deputy director,nike air max, said the tiger presumed age from height is not large. This tiger was actually raised private illegal This tiger really come from? It has been speculated that this little tiger is to be transported to a local area, due to firecrackers scared, hitting his cage fled when injured,chaussures nike tn pas cher, this gave life. The February 25, Pingdu Bureau official said, have been identified tiger private illegal aquaculture, 7 months old,escarpins louboutin, not registered in the forestry sector,moncler italia, the Department of the cause of death from a tall building, falling to his death. Police have mastered the persons responsible for the information, is being further investigated. Institute of Zoology Associate Professor Xie Yan said that the tiger is the national animal protection level in China, does not allow individual feeding. Such as the protection of animals causing death, the responsible person should bear legal responsibility. Xie Yan also said that if the roughness of the tiger is usually kept in the building where,giubbotti peuterey, certainly not up to keeping conditions. Some experts said that the responsible person is not just suspected illegal feeding, also suspected of illegal acquisitions. Coupled with due care caused by inadequate tiger death.</p>

    <p> ready alarm clock was adjusted to 5:30 (EdiThere is a pool of blood on the ground tiger headBig New Year's, yet there are tigers lying on the parking lot,tn requin pas cher, February 19 morning,louboutin pas cher, Shandong Pingdu two people when a building at the local park,louboutin prix, was surprised to find a tiger lying on the ground, but once the police after the alarm considered a hoax. When parking found a tiger New Year's Day in the morning after her parents' home to eat dumplings,nike air max, Pingdu people Ms. Lee and her husband drove home, in the Red Road Pingdu cereals parking building,tn nike pas cher, found in front of a tiger lying in the road. Lee later recalled that when they by car headlights, found something in the distance on the ground, looks bigger than dogs, who have yellow and black and white fur,woolrich milano, when the two are fear and surprise, "that it will not be a tiger? "After a few minutes that the tiger is still not move, they would call 110," then we do not believe police officers reported to police intelligence,air max femme, even asked, 'You are not to drink seeing things' We do not drink repeatedly explained.</p>

    <p> these circumstances will increase penalties for those responsible. Earlier, media had reported Nanning wealthy group buy tiger meat was sentenced news, principal Xu was sentenced to 13 years and fined 1.55 million yuan. Complex (Original title: New Year's Day parking lot deVideo loading,escarpin louboutin occasion, please wait .. AutoPlay & nbsp; play more now,louboutin chaussures, "camel begging" forward and backward ring shipped to Guangzhou, Foshan Dali discovered camel begging. Guangzhou downtown, a man holding two juvenile camel camels begging begging begging an old man with a camelTrafficking in children suffering disability, was ordered to go out for money,barbour france, the media had exposed. And recently.</p>

    <p> the command center was sent to a police car. " Ms. Lee said that after the police arrived at the scene the police did not act rashly, and soon a police car arrived at the scene, the tiger can not move after the confirmation,nike tn, the police in the past and found a dead tiger. "There is a tiger head on a pool of blood on the ground, do not see any trauma, touched find the body has not completely cool, then the police will be loaded onto the car away the tiger." Ms. Lee said. Pingdu City Public Security Bureau indicates true,abercrombie soldes, the police, now the matter has been handed over roughness forestry department. The Pingdu City Forestry Bureau named Li.</p>

    <p> according to Sina microblogging users @ Xiamen feet on the 17th broke the news,collana tiffany, Guangdong Foshan appeared camels street beggars. Camel picture limbs amputated from the knee is only lying on the floor, very poor. Collect public reports can be found online.</p>


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