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    <p> said such a thing: not long ago, Li Wenxiang said to pay to repair the village wells. It was February 19, Li Wenxiang find the village,louboutin paris, he said:. "A winter drought, Tianyi warming must irrigate, you see which one well is broken,hollister 2015, can repair to repair, I pay." Dongming Liang said that he is so personally, would rather lose their own,hogan interactive, there are always thinking of others. � Li Wenxiang its people Principal hero, old demobilized soldiers, in 1962 in response to the call of the National Agriculture, volunteered to go home farming,piumino moncler, 48 years rooted in the countryside, quiet dedication,chaussures louboutin homme, willing to ordinary, to pay their own efforts for the home change. � reporter Chen Zhang Cong & nbsp; & nbsp; Read Tips | found his house fires lit the sky,barbour paris, I thought the two children still in the house, 45-year-old farmer Wang Huimin put on a quilt burst into flames,abercrombie outlet, and afterwards found the two children did not fire the house, safe and sound.</p>

    <p> Recently, Li Wenxiang was identified center as "pioneer era" selected character,sneakers zanotti pas cher, February 23 to the 25th, the major central media delegation to Li Wenxiang home interviews deeds of the elderly (see figure). � East this reporter correspondent Zhang Ying Cheng Ruiqi / Ventura [Satisfied] New Year new home, new weather February 24 morning, the weather is still warm,hollister homme, the sun hit the Li Wenxiang home new color plate, reflects the warm metallic luster. Li Wenxiang new home a total of four, in the left house, the most in one room is the kitchen, out of the restaurant, separate shower room and toilet. "I also spend a solar water heater." Li Wenxiang, 77, his wife Chen Baozhen said happily. Before the main room, a "screen wall" stand up, "Glory House" four characters shine. Old ceiling main room for a new white ceiling, a bright red "shou" character hanging in the middle of the room, the living room for a new solid wood furniture. Living room and bedroom plus a Pink Curtain,louboutin pas cher, a 1.8 meter wide big bed, fresh linen, blankets, pillows, exudes a taste of the sun after drying, tentacle raw temperature. Li Wenxiang sitting on the couch, backs very straight, the purple-faced smiling,abercrombie france, looking at the people inside visitors to. ["Sorry"] Take the cloth to see Lu Shuji Xinhua News Agency reporters Wen Qi and Li Lao, LuZhanGong secretary that day to see his situation, Li Wenxiang softly said: "Now I am a little regret, do not forget to take out a small cloth bag.</p>

    <p> just knock back and his wife went to his brother Wang Mingzhi home stopping,peuterey uomo, leaving three-year-old son and 11-year-old second son is still Dongxiang room watching TV. More than 11 points that night, stopping back door got home, the two shocked, east wing burst into flames. "Flames jump down the door Zhiwang Wai, will the people cried and shouted 'I'm three wanderers, now got left a it!'" Said Wang Mingzhi, this time, her husband's tears suddenly flowed.</p>

    <p> not to look at those medals the Lu Shuji. " Li Wenxiang said that because of their own thing, so many people spend so that the county build a new house, Tim furniture, city, province, central to so multimedia, feel strange trouble you,peuterey donna, and my heart very sorry. Li Wenxiang may not know that their deeds have been "shock" Central, January 29, Li Changchun, Politburo Standing Committee, secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Propaganda Minister Liu Yunshan were given instructions to vigorously promote Comrade Li Wenxiang deeds. Subsequently, journalists People's Daily,parajumpers 2015, Xinhua News Agency, Liberation Army Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China National Radio and many other news media and the capital of central-level media correspondent composition to Li Wenxiang home, for his deeds of advanced models excavation. [Excited] Finally found the "organization" of the February 23, Li Wenxiang where the original PLA unit, the old forces to come to see him, which makes him half a century after an absence of troops, have rediscovered the feeling of the organization. In the eyes of her daughter Li Jinying, father day crowed. Shanxi old troops now stationed a unit of day to seven people,barbour paris, come levels are not low, teachers,zanotti 2015, political commissar came, Li Wenxiang see the body, "dark green", the whole body is feeling awkward. Written on a piece of plaque sent "Comrade Li Wenxiang: hero fighting hero", this gift, Li Wenxiang is serious, placed in the middle of the square table on the main room, that was the house of the most prominent position. [Worried] Drought should pay to repair wells Last weekend, a long absence, rain fall, the Central Plains to ease the drought. Before that,sneakers zanotti homme, North village chief told national media interview.</p>

    <p> and 51% of the area of his body and severe burns. It happened on February 6, Yiyang County town of Poplar Village bottom corner. Wang Huimin hospitalized so far, spent the family savings, still owes the hospital nearly 15 million. Eager to save the child, he put on the quilt burst into flames Yesterday morning, in Luoyang burn hospital,barbour lyon, the reporter saw and his family lying on the bed. Ward was filled with thick taste, because the whole body were seriously injured, 45-year-old Wang Huimin covered in gauze strapped, unable to move. In order to avoid the leg wound adhesions, infection, doctors Wang Huimin quilt placed in the bracket so that his leg to maintain a certain space. Wang Huimin voice hoarse, tired, doctors recommend it to minimize talk and keep resting. Bedside, the wife of Wang Huimin Wang Mingzhi sobs told reporters about her husband being burned through. February 6 at 9 am.</p>

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