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    Handan newspaper (Reporter correspondent Wang Guilian Jobin Juan) side is the school bus accidents, school bus legalization countries to speed up the process; the other side is the nursery school bus want the license but could permit nowhere, could not find the responsible unit. Recently, Handan City, a nursery person in charge told reporters reflect the park to buy a new school bus more than three months, but the delay Banbuxialai license.
    Yesterday morning,2bCzgSG7Iy,moncler Outlet, the reporter went to the high open area near Handan Weber Park District home Wo nursery, a door they saw a yellow car parked at the door for children. Director Wang Ping told reporters,woolrich outlet milano, "This is specifically for children in kindergarten to buy new school buses, spent more than 20 million,ItLXL9BiL5, can accommodate 29 children. Can buy a new car more than three months, and can think of running a department times, can document that Banbuxialai. "
    According to Wang Ping, by the end of September 2011 in the high open District School Board handled the school license, the home Wo nursery formally established. As early as in early September,YageVU2Edu, the nursery had to buy for the children a new school bus, "according to the normal procedures, kindergarten only in the district Civil Affairs Bureau for private non-enterprise units registration certificate,dEBQ9V5Pz1, and then hold the card to the area of Quality Supervision Bureau for the organization code card, you can give the school bus license the first time we went to the car high open District Civil Affairs Bureau, but the staff said that the council has just set up soon, but also did not apply for permission to private non-enterprise units registration certificate, so We find Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. We went to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau said that they only apply to the municipal educational institutions that evidence,louboutin soldes pas cher,0zM36hcAA2, can not leapfrog handled this way, this card has yet to run down. "
    Day,EK84ufENk2, the reporter interviewed the Handan City Bureau of Civil Affairs is responsible for the management of civil society organizations Humou. Hu said that after receiving a reflection of the kindergarten, where very seriously, and specialized advice on this matter to the city Office of Legislative Affairs,louboutin femme, "and now we have to coordinate Handan City Department of Education to re-apply for a license for the school garden, so,moncler outlet italia, we Rush does not exist then leapfrog this to say. "
    Yesterday afternoon, reporters from Handan City Department of Education to verify that, after having heard the practical difficulties faced by the park, the council decided on everything, accept re-accreditation for the garden. However, the council, the official also said that this would also only an expedient measure,Yn6hbOFk53, "after the Gansu, Liaoning and other school bus accident, now all over the country are pushing to legalize school bus. High open area there are more kindergartens, if they have to purchase a school bus, then, how do we deal with it? "" For children's safety, we do every day looking forward to early next Permits heard our school bus to buy a license for several months to do no less, and some nursery Originally intended to buy school buses gave up hope relevant departments to coordinate the look, do not give up we buy regular school bus enthusiasm ah. "At the end of the interview,6XXgBi1S05, Wang Ping, director says with exasperation.
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