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    <p> 50-point gap still on the grade, the teacher basically can organize a unified class, if the difference between the percentage,,hogan outlet scarpe, will give teachers teaching impact." said. A provincial model high school teacher admitted that after integration with admissions,pandora paris, "preparation have to weigh,,louboutin femme,, not only to make the basis of good students 'well-fed',, and was so weak foundation for students 'digest'." Although various arguments, but more rational system in favor of the proposal need to be constantly improved. "Promoting a balanced education,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, is undoubtedly correct. But in my opinion,parajumpers paris, it is not simply for students,abercrombie roma, teachers deployment, but the need to cultivate a mechanism and environment, which takes a long time,hogan outlet online, rather than within a few years to adjust complete. "Wangyong Bin believes that the national education development plans are designed according to decades,, college entrance examination reform is slow,scarpe hogan outlet, also largely on account of its baton effects and great social influence, too fast is likely to problems. Yun gives three suggestions: First, reduce the proportion of wildcard, to fully realize fair competition, merit; second is to control the system with drop points,zanotti pas cher, 20 is divided into a grade,nike plus, so students score better access to quality education resources ; third is widely understood in public before policy changes.</p>

    <p> rapid change and information disclosure lag recruitment rules also been criticized. In the opinion of some parents, their own children to school, what kind of learning on, are in accordance with the existing recruitment program dependent. But now the question is, on the one hand, with the adjustment of admission programs, complete with scores Shanghao increasingly fierce competition in schools; in addition,hogan outlet, since the information poor, student enrollment, to change three years later little is known, plans keep up with changes,zanotti femme, making it difficult to achieve the original expectations. Wangyong Bin after analysis "get the job" because the children found a high proportion of unified distribution, resulting in less entrance examination ended,,peuterey uomo, the corresponding scores also a corresponding increase, which is the fundamental reason; when had entered the school system with a ratio of not so high,, according to the judgment at the time, combined child test scores this year, can enter the entrance examination line. "Change too fast, not information flow, let us how to adapt?" Wang Yongbin representation. According Puyong Wen observed, parents do not blindly oppose wildcard, but generally reflect the unified distribution ratio is too high, too low proportion entrance examination,barbour femme, and the ratio of change is too fast, the system is also equipped with a decline of student enrollment drop points too, that some people say " usually manufactured in the pursuit of the Grand Duchy of small unfair. " "From the practical teaching front-line view.</p>

    <p> combined with the Lanzhou municipal education system has not been perfect balance of resources to implement changes to the actual situation,abercrombie milano, and to ensure that the public know something about this,pjs doudoune, it is best to have a 3-year grace period,scarpe hogan outlet, so that parents and students direction of education reform to make reasonable judgments. "We do not want to watch her hard 3years, exam scores but failed to make the focus of the school." One parent in the online message said,hogan outlet online, "I hope the education sector be able to listen to the people, empathy, and take effective measures to make the candidates in its place, as far as possible to avoid high runback phenomenon. " Puyong Wen believes that is closely related to education and economic and social development of a place. As a less developed regions,, currently exists Lanzhou secondary education resources uneven is the fact that this is the history and reality of many reasons for the formation.</p>

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