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    <p> and the Silk Road through the construction of the economic zone, the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Silk Road funds and other avenues for contributing to global infrastructure investment. " July,felpe hollister, BRICS cooperation to establish a BRICS development bank to ease the developing countries in the field of infrastructure construction suffered "financial difficulties". China actively promote "all the way along the" construction, which is as an important national strategy. October, China launched authorized capital of $ 100 billion in infrastructure investment bank in Asia with India and other 21 Asian countries to provide financial support for the "area all the way" along the country's infrastructure. November 8, China announced plans to invest $ 40 billion set up a "Silk Road Fund" Chinese financial strength to take advantage of direct support "along the way" construction. In the 2010 Seoul Summit,hollister soldes, China to promote the reach of the "Seoul Development Consensus" and "development issues multi-year action plan." The 2013 St. Petersburg summit, a lot of ideas and suggestions were included in China's "Group of Twenty summit in St. Petersburg Leaders' Declaration, focusing issued" China voices ", reflects China's right to speak. Chinese Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said recently, Australia G20 summit reform measures received more than 1,000 suggestions from members, of which 15% contributed by China. In addition, China With the G20 platform, many times to the IMF funding for the world economy "warmer" to contribute. China play a "bridge" to promote institutional innovation Experts say China between developing and developed countries.</p>

    <p> China's contribution to the world economy accounts for more than 30%. Associate Professor, Research Center of Fudan BRIC countries Zhu Jie Jin believes that China in the end to play much of a role in the G20, it lies in what the state of the Chinese economy can maintain. China's greatest contribution to the G20 is its own economic development. Chen Fengying with the "leader" to describe the leading role in China's economy. "Chinese do their own thing,moncler outlet, you can benefit the Asia-Pacific,barbour france, the impact of the world." She said the Chinese economy has entered a new normal, facing a transition and adjustment.</p>

    <p> State President Xi Jinping delivered a speech, pointed out that China's economy will continue to remain strong, sustainable and balanced growth, the annual contribution to the economies of scale increment equivalent to a medium-developed countries. As the 2016 G20 summit host country, China is willing to promote and make greater contribution to world economic growth, play a greater role. When the G20 summit on the world financial crisis born of crisis,louboutin paris, has gone through six years of wind and rain, it is in the process of transition from crisis response to long-term governance of. China has been the G20 mechanism builders and promoters. Between developed and developing countries, both playing bridge to bridge differences,woolrich prezzi, and promote institutional innovation of global governance. Economic restructuring ahead of G20 China's economy has entered a new norm, facing a transition and adjustment, and this was also the problem faced by G20 countries. China has made in the top-level design planning,bonnes affaires, walking in the front. China is a founding member of the G20. G20 mechanism established,louboutin noir, inseparable from the role played by China. Former Chinese Ambassador to the US Zhou Wenzhong recalled that in October 2008, the US Treasury Secretary and Special Assistant US National Security Advisor to find him, said the United States hopes to convene twenty financial summit, the Group of Eight meeting in Europe was hope or fourteen Group meeting. In the course of the game in Europe, China's active participation, to the United States to eat a reassurance. November 2008, the first G20 summit in Washington. He held the night before,giubbotti peuterey, when US President George W. Bush held a welcome dinner for the leaders at the White House. Chinese President Hu Jintao when he was appointed to sit beside Bush. China Institute of Contemporary International Relations expert Chen Fengying of the world economy,piumino moncler, said China is positive from the outset proponents of the G20, participants and supporters. More than 80 percent of the world economy by stimulating G20.</p>

    <p> and this was also the problem faced by G20 countries. China has made in the top-level design planning,abercrombie et fitch, walking in the front. China for the G20 to pay out "ideas" Australia G20 summit reform measures received more than 1,000 suggestions from members, of which 15% contributed by China. China With the G20 platform,doudoune nobis, many times to the IMF funding for the world economy "warmer" to contribute. Chinese leaders have not missed any of a G20 summit, China actively put forward proposals and give practice with real action. On the Brisbane summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that to pay attention to the pulling effect on the economy infrastructure. During China hosted the APEC (APEC) informal leadership meeting,veste barbour homme, the interoperability as one of the core issues, the purpose is to open up new growth point. Xi Jinping said: "We support the establishment of the Group of Twenty global infrastructure center to support the World Bank established the Global Infrastructure Fund.</p>

    <p> Price Hu soup came into being. Style ills will not heal. Build system, grasping the long-term supervision order tube. "Journey to the West" in the monkey muddy hesitate, afraid of the master read magic spell, this is a system design. Now,abercrombie soldes, "confining" has been worn on the head of cadres, the key mantra too often, people "pain in the head in mind." This will change the style of the people to worry about just a gust of wind, the resurgence of hate makeovers,hollister outlet, such as "Hu soup in the abalone,hollister site officiel," look who eat too seriously. Less fool the masses of practice, a little more spicy bundle cadres,abercrombie italia, good style to take root. (EdiLocal time on the 15th,barbour international, Brisbane, State President Xi Jinping attended the G20 summit in the ninth. G20 members of the G20 members GDP GDP growthOn the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in Brisbane.</p>


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