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    <p>" Ms. Wang said, the year before Li got married, but the couple two feelings have been discord. "He and his wife have been separated for some time." One resident said the night before,air max pas cher femme, Li's wife to some of the stuff out, "said his wife, had with him." Do not work nor go out several times on the family violence Many district residents and several relatives Lei said that in their eyes, Li and others rarely speak, character is very eccentric,nike tn, the past year do not go out all day,moncler piumini, stay at home or go to bed playing computer games. "We let him go out looking for work, he never listened." Lei said the grandmother, Li recently irascible,nobis jackets, beat several family members, even her grandfather also played and Li Lei. "He said,hogan outlet online, 'I and the children will die a' this is the case." Ms. Wang said.</p>

    <p> belonging to the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an Public Security Bureau Case the trial team. Meanwhile, Wang also found inside the police station in the police car of a man when a conflict occurs. After police confirmed that Wang,tn pas cher, who is the Auxiliary. However, a certain segment hit anyone know where to go. For this, the Xi'an Public Security Bureau on the 24th at noon through official microblogging "Xi'an Public Security", published on the Sina microblogging platform news, Xi'an police attention, instructed the Yanta branch task force set up to carry out a comprehensive investigation, according to the law Ji suspected violator and Shicha drain pipe persons responsible for serious Responsibility comprehensive and thorough investigation, leniency. Xi'an public security currently under arrest people involved in a paragraph (unemployed at large), Auxiliary Wang was controlled,tn pas cher, responsible units Yanta Xi'an Public Security Bureau battalion Chen case trial was stopped performing their duties. Related work is underway. (Finish) (EdiSelling cheap boss to subordinates see after soaring property prices want breach 2010 180m2 house to sell 1.05 million contract Express News correspondent TRANSACTIONS OF correspondent reported Zhou Yi Wang Xuan kindness then resold to their own set of house staff,louboutin, but, after a few years house prices have rocketed, the boss was "cheap house", and then submitted his wife as an excuse to oppose the request the other party to terminate the contract. Recently,tiffany outlet, Guangzhou Huadu District Court that this case.</p>

    <p> held that the sale of housing effective. Rate looking to sell earlier shot up resentment Entrepreneurship Presbyterian with his wife in Guangzhou Huadu years, runs a trading company. Old Zhang is the company's sales director,nike tn officiel, is both a superior-subordinate relationship with the Presbyterian, also longtime friends. In 2010,chaussures louboutin, the Presbyterian will set new Hua Ziwei Road in Huadu old chapter house sold, the building area of 180 square meters, only 1.05 million yuan. Presbyterian and the old chapter signed a housing contract for the sale, agreed in June 30.</p>

    <p> Ms. Wang Xi'an citizen with friends at a KTV song over and intend to drive home, a man reeking of booze to harass Ms. Wang, who led Wang The car hit the trees, and then lead to parties to the conflict. Ms. Wang according to one argument, when the man left after a conflict, driving a standard police car, while car and 1 male and 1 female. Subsequently, Ms. Wang and friends to the public security Yanta commissaires jurisdiction extension of Fort police station, Wang plate provided by the inquiry, the suspect driving a police vehicle designation "Shaanxi A3543 police".</p>

    <p> the family is aware of the danger,escarpins louboutin, but hard to detect. Lei's grandmother also said that because of fear that they would not let Lei and regular contact with children,escarpin louboutin pas cher, "Which one would think it so! I do not know how he will become so, are good at school, and now he went so far as to say I'm not pro-grandmother In this case." Yesterday evening, the reporter learned from the jurisdiction of the police,tn soldes, the police asked the suspect to face relatively calm, always silent. Have suspects mental problem and needs to be identified. Currently, police are further investigating the matter. Long-term autistic must draw attention to the family For this,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the tensor Hefei Sesame Counseling Center Director believes that the suspect may be enclosed within a long lead to mental illness, "he may be subject to greater growth process of psychological trauma, do not rule out the possibility of suffering from schizophrenia , appear delusional symptoms, leading to make excesses. " Tensor believes that the suspect is a matter of emotional stimulation incentive, deep-seated problems is mental illness. "Long closed,christian louboutin pas cher, no work, no contact with the society, which has always been anomalous behavior." Tensor reminder,collana tiffany, if someone appears such a situation, the family should pay attention to the first time, early diagnosis and early prevention and early treatment,basket nike, "the worst case must through drug therapy, psychotherapy. " Reporter Zhang Jian / Wen Li Guanyu / photo (Original title: Dad held out his hand, not a caress, a Xi'an Public Security Bureau of Xi'an Xinhua News Agency April 25 news (reporter Zheng Xin) Shaanxi Province on the 24th official microblogging news release, for the recent news that a suspected drunken Xi'an Auxiliary molested after police beating woman to leave the issue open by After verification, one person involved in a paragraph (unemployed at large) Xi'an public security under arrest, Wang was the Auxiliary control unit leadership responsibility Chen was stopped performing their duties. Earlier news that Internet: April 23 at 1 pm.</p>


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