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    Submitted 2017-12-23 14:07:12 In modern commercial kitchens A.J. Brown Hat , one of the most respected and feared, yet commonly used elements is fire. Gas burning stoves are the norm in commercial and restaurant kitchens for their superior control over the heat source for correct cooking temperatures and food finishes. Use of cooking oils with a high temperature burn level are used, often both over gas burners and in deep fryers. Acetylene torches are often used to make dishes like cr me brulee and other items where a "burnt" finish achieved quickly is required. And there are many elements and ingredients in any commercial kitchen that have the possibility of flash fires when combined, mixed or mishandled in a variety of ways.

    So while fire is essential to a commercial kitchen such as those in hotels, restaurants Jeffery Simmons Hat , schools, universities, hospitals and more, it is also feared for what it can do when it gets away from the cooking experts and flashes out of control - it happens between one heartbeat and another. More restaurants and other structures have been lost to fast burning, out of control kitchen fires than for any other reason Harold Landry Hoodie , so the fear is well founded, and also put firmly in the back of the mind so operations can continue.

    One of the reasons it can be regulated to the back of any kitchen professional's mind is the inclusion of top quality fire suppression systems installed in most any commercial kitchen today. Building code and regulations require fire suppression to be present in all, and the professional kitchens in the know understand that this is where you spend a little more to ensure the safety of your building investment as well as the safety of everyone working in that kitchen when disaster can strike. The best fire suppression systems available today are the ANSUL R-102 or ANSUL Piranha Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems that you can acquire from Fireshield Safety Ltd with locations throughout the UK.

    With the ANSUL R-102, you have the gold standard of wet chemical fire suppression in a design delivered in the same commercial grade stainless that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen's design and function. It is completely self-contained and that means that none of the components are going to be visible to customers who have an open view into your kitchen operations.

    With the ANSUL Piranha, you get to the next level with a fire knockdown capability that can take a fire's temperature from burning oil or grease below its auto-ignition point within one minute of being deployed - that is faster than any competitor by 15 times the average as that average can let the hot oil stay hot enough to re-ignite until after about 15 minutes of receiving the flame killing wet chemicals.

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