Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726/1A Fake Watch 5726/1A-001

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    <p>Patek Philippe Calatrava Weekly Calendar Ref. 5212A
    <p>New product: Patek Philippe CALATRAVA weekly calendar reference. 5212A-001</p>
    <p>Patek Philippe has developed a wide range of calendar functions, from simple aperture dates to pre-programmed to the 28th century complex secular perpetual calendar. For a long time, the perpetual calendar has become a true feature of manufacturing. The patent annual calendar, introduced in 1996, sparked a small-scale revolution, as a complete calendar that only needs to be corrected once a year on March 1. 2013, references. The 5200 Gondolo "8 Days, Date and Date Display" is popular as a fascinating innovation with instant day and date displays. Now, Patek Philippe takes a step forward by adding a calendar that shows the current number of weeks per week, expanding its collection of "useful complexities."</p>
    <p>New reference. The 5212A-001 expresses its unique silvery white dial and a different layout with five hands in between. Hours and minutes represent elegant dauphine hands, black and white gold. They have two lap joints that perfectly match the baton index applied in black and white gold, with four facets in each. The slender balance hand tracks the second hand. One day of the week is shown with a hammer-shaped hand with a rounded red hammerhead in the middle of the dial. The second hand of the same design provides weekly and monthly readings on two concentric scales around the dial. These calendar indications are supplemented by the aperture date at 3 o'clock. Another feature: the typesetting that is clearly created for this watch is based on the handwriting of one of the manufacturers' designers; its letters and numbers are absolutely unique. They are carefully printed in black, adding very personal and poetic notes to the Ref dial. 5212, recalling the era that was not too far away, the notes were still handwritten in a paper diary.</p>
    <p>Stainless steel Calatrava case with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.18 mm - Patek Philippe is rare - due to the delicate finish of the bezel, it extends to two layers, the softly curved lugs. The case is cold-formed in a studio made from a high-tonnage press and then carefully hand-polished. Its aesthetic appeal is inspired by Ref. In 2512, a unique piece was produced in 1955 and kept by the Patek Philippe Museum. This kinship is emphasized by the reference number of the new Calatrava calendar, which consists of the same number in different orders. The retro style is enlarged by a box of sapphire crystals and has a slightly curved shape. The stainless steel snaps are inlaid with sapphire crystal for observing the</p>
    <p>To show the number of days of the week and the week, Patek Philippe developed a new semi-integrated mechanism with a height of 1.52 mm and 92 additional components. The 7-point star on the hour wheel of the movement center controls the display of the day of the week. Through the lever, the second has a 7-point star-driven 53-toothed peripheral with a tip that extends the sun. The calendar display is pushed in a discrete step in a semi-instantaneous manner to avoid peak energy consumption. The corrections shown on Sunday and week are made by two pushers that are recessed at the sides of the housing at 8 and 10 o'clock. Pulling the crown out half can correct the date. Thanks to the fail-safe concept, users can perform such corrections at any time of the day or night without the risk of damaging the movement. According to the international ISO 8601 standard, Patek Philippe chose Monday as the first day of the week, not Sunday, which is commonplace in some countries. The first week of the year is a week that includes January 4. The 53-year-old graduation scale takes into account the number of years of extra week. This is the case every 5 to 6 years. The next time it happens in 2020.</p>
    <p>The weekly calendar mechanism is not the only feature of Ref. Patek Philippe also gave this watch a new movement based on the self-winding movement 324. The movement name 26-330 reflects its diameter of 26.6 mm and height of 3.3 mm. The new movement has several innovations and optimizations to improve its performance and reliability. The first innovation involves the center second. To prevent the second hand from vibrating and eliminating friction, the manufacturer's engineer decided to use a conventional center second pinion with a friction spring. They replaced it with an innovation system based on the third round of anti-backlash.</p>
    <p>The patented part is made of a nickel-phosphorus alloy, which is finished by LIGA process (lithography, electroplating, forming) and then with a gold-copper-bismuth coating. It has an avant-garde geometry with long open teeth, each with a tiny integrated 22 micron leaf spring that engages the second pinion to suppress the second hand vibration without any pre-adjustment. The friction is further reduced by suspending the pivot of the second hand mandrel between the bearing stones. The Stop Seconds (Balance Stop) mechanism provides further optimization: it becomes effective when the crown is pulled into the manually set position. With this device, the user can set the time with a precision of one second. When the crown is pushed back into place, the mechanism initiates the balance, which can be said to be set to the motion state again.popular Urwerk UR-T8 replica</p>
    <p>Technical data
    Sport: 26-330 SCJ SE; self-winding mechanical movement, sweeping seconds, date, day of the week and weeks</p>
    <p>Total diameter: 27 mm</p>
    <p>Casing diameter: 26.6 mm</p>
    <p>Height: 4.82 mm (base movement 3.30 mm, partially integrated weekly calendar mechanism 1.52 mm)</p>
    <p>Number of parts: 304, of which 212 is the basic movement and 92 is the weekly calendar mechanism</p>
    <p>Number of jewels: 50</p>
    <p>Power reserve: minimum. 35 hours, up to 45 hours</p>
    <p>Wound rotor: 21K gold center rotor, unidirectional winding</p>
    <p>Frequency: 28,800 half-oscillation per hour (4 Hz)</p>
    <p>Balance: Gyromax®</p>
    <p>Balance spring: Spiromax® (in Silinvar®)</p>
    <p>Balance spring bolt: adjustable</p>
    <p>Display: center hour, minute and second; week center; center week and month; aperture date at 3 o'clock</p>
    <p>Function: three-position crown: push back to the original position: manual winding; halfway: date correction; completely pull out: manual setting, stop seconds</p>
    <p>Calibrator: Week correction at 8 o'clock; 10 o'clock correction</p>
    <p>Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal</p>
    <p>Case: stainless steel; sapphire crystal case back; waterproof 30 meters</p>
    <p>Diameter: 40 mm</p>
    <p>Height (crystal display back): 10.79 mm</p>
    <p>Height (crystal to lug): 11.18 mm</p>
    <p>Width between lugs: 20 mm</p>
    <p>Dial: silvery white, black printed font; applied 18K white gold baton, blackened, with 4 overlapping faces; dauphine hands for hours and minutes, 18K white gold, blackened, with 2 overlapping facets; balanced second hand, rhodiumed Pfinodal; week display, hammer-shaped, rhodiumed Pfinodal, red paint hammer head; week/month hand, hammer shape, rhodiumed Pfinodal, red paint hammer head</p>
    <p>Bracelet: calfskin, hand-stitched, bright brown, stainless steel claw clasp</p>
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    <p>Patek Philippe Twenty-4 automatic watch</p>
    <p>Patek Philippe 19 years ago, it launched its main women's collection in 1999, twenty-four years. At that time, the mechanical revolution had just begun to reappear. After twenty years of quartz control, most Swiss small mechanical watchmakers were killed. Most women's watches are still quartz, and the manchette bracelet watch design occupies a supreme position. Fast forward to 2018, it is a very different world of watches, the new Twenty-4 is the perfect modern ladies watch - that is, it is almost the same as the original. It has a mechanical automatic movement that is 10 mm larger than its predecessor and it is round. The only new version of the Twenty-4 is the bracelet, which, in addition to the tapered shape, features the same link design and is more suitable for round ladies' watches.</p>
    <p>Twenty-four references So, the 7300 is really a new watch, not a redesign. It contains an automatic movement 324 SC with date display and scan seconds. The original quartz movement is only a few hours and a few minutes. Another fundamental change is the font. The original has a mark and two Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o'clock. The new watch uses an unprecedented Arabic numerals on the Patek Philippe watch, although it looks very much like the digital font on the pilot's watch. The 7234 reveals Patek Philippe's everyday watch that strives to make this watch more sporty than traditional classic watches. This is the original Twenty-4 watch - still the same. New reference. The 7300 does not replace the original Ref. 4910, this is for a reason. referee. The 4910 is one of Patek Philippe's best-selling products.hublot big bang replica</p>
    <p>The new Twenty-4 has the same round baton as the 4910, but they are larger. There is another big difference: the pointers and numbers on the 7300 are both lumed, and the other design features are more in line with sports watches. Combining the double-row diamonds on the bezel with the diamond bracelet, this watch truly spans two worlds: dressing and sportiness. So why not? This combination makes it a truly modern watch that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Social media commentary criticized the new Twenty-4 as completely different from the original, but if it was given a Roman numeral, no lume and a smaller case, the same person would cry, it was too derivative and not new enough. Unless it is touted as retro,</p>
    <p>The case size is also very modern. Its diameter is 36mm, compared to 25.1mm in the original. Thirty-six is ​​the ideal size for today's women's watches, even for men's wrists, I can see men wearing steel models with blue sunburst dials. Despite the diamonds, this watch is simply a sporty one. This is not the case if the bezel is lined with a larger row of diamonds - it will be a real ladies' watch. The double row is more refined and less jewel-like. The angular design of the case also makes it more sporty. If it is more rounded, it will be more feminine.</p>
    <p>There are five 7,300 references, including stainless steel models with a blue sunburst or gray sunburst dial, and three 18k rose gold options with a brown sunburst or "silver" dial with a cross-shaped surface similar to silk or linen . The rose gold bracelet is set with diamonds (total weight 1.88 carats). All models of the bezel are lined with a row of 0.77-carat double-row diamonds. A decorative movement, including a 21k gold rotor, is visible through the sapphire crystal case back. It is approved by Patek Seal. Steel numbers (Ref. 7300 / 1200A-001 and Ref. 7300 / 1200A-010), rose gold (Ref. 7300 / 1200R-001 and Ref. 7300 / 1200R-010). Diamond Bracelet Edition (Ref.7300 / 1201R-001).reviews aaa quality watches sale</p>
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