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    <p> "Beijing Times" reporter said that the current chaos means that domestic infant formula milk powder market,abercrombie outlet, a business can produce dozens or even hundreds of series. Woosung says that under the new system,hogan rebel, as a means of survival of small businesses will be eliminated. Draft regulations,barbour femme, labeling the use of imported milk powder,scarpe hogan, the raw material base powder,abercrombie soldes, the raw material should be marked true origin. Shall be marked "imported milk",scarpe hogan outlet, "pasture from abroad" and fuzziness misleading content consumers. It reported that China's dairy industry analyst Song Liang believes these provisions favorable to the parents,abercrombie france, but he cautioned that the new provisions should be included in the scope of regulation of imported milk formula. Song Liang said, too much consumption reduces the overall brand awareness. He said: "If this is not pure imported brands regulatory restrictions,barbour femme, will only encourage more and more enterprises to overseas production,chaussures louboutin, and then imported into the country." (Compile / Wang Lei) EdVideo loading, please wait .. AutoPlay & nbsp; play September 3 to 6 A shares closed forward and backward Shanghai Stock Exchange Announcement[SFC: September 3 to 6 A shares closed four days to commemorate the victory of the war] Commission notice,outlet peuterey, 3 to 6 September in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange will be closed for four days to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of Anti-Japanese War. 9 7 (Monday) opened as usual. Shanghai Stock Exchange Announcement About Chinese Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist People's War 70th anniversary of the Victory Day holiday arrangements for public SSE Publication No. [2015] 22 According to the Commission, "the 70th anniversary of Victory Day holiday and closed arrangements for notification about Chinese Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War" (Zheng Jian Ban Fa [2015] No.</p>

    <p> restore public confidence due 2008 melamine contamination scandal and shaken. China China Food and Drug Administration has been disclosed about the reform of the draft,barbour femme, the newly revised food safety law will also be officially implemented in October. Reported that Chinese consumers face a dizzying array of a large number of infant formula milk powder products, the market is flooded with more than 2,piumini peuterey,000 different brands of milk powder,barbour lyon, of which about half is specifically for the Chinese mainland market in overseas production. The rest of the brand comes from the 102 allowed the production of infant milk powder of domestic enterprises. Similarly,chaussures pas cher, the real number of domestic producers is much less, because many of them are subsidiaries of large enterprises. Parents are almost impossible to distinguish which brand of quality is well-deserved reputation. It reported that the Chinese government wants to make it easier for them to make decisions. Infant formula manufacturers must apply to China Food and Drug Administration to apply for registration formula. Food Drug Administration will apply the nutritional value of registered formulations for review to ensure that it does not pose any health risks,zanotti pas cher, then decide whether to grant the registration. Previously,abercrombie pas cher, the company only on the product formulation can be reported for the record. Reported that the number of product formulations even allowed to register,peuterey outlet, the company can use the same formula produced a series of products is much more original than less. Draft on the number of enterprises to apply formula gives two different scenarios. One can not apply for the program each enterprise registration more than five series 15 kinds of product formulations. Option II is to be a clear difference between the same enterprise application for registration of the same age product formulations,zanotti pas cher femme, product formulation two optional ingredients should be difference of 6 or more. Beijing Sanyuan milk division head Woosung flight to Beijing.</p>

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