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    <p> he saw an unfamiliar food, they tend to issue "this thing eat it," the doubts. Man as an animal, this should be a self-preservation instinct, understandable. At this time, if there are people who trust us in detail about the kind of food raw materials and production methods,louboutin prix, and the possibility of "problem" of these raw materials and production methods are what we can predict,chaussures femme pas cher, can be controlled, so many people will probably be able to accept a "new food" was. Risk assessment of genetically modified foods,outlet peuterey, this is equivalent to the risk assessment of each feedstock and each procedure may bring. Codex Alimentarius Commission a detailed assessment guidelines, the following describes only the most critical aspects: First, the source of the transferred gene. Any transgene has a clear purpose.</p>

    <p> in assessing the safety of GM crops, we are the genetically modified crops and the corresponding no alteration compared to the former may exist if "security risk" than the latter is high, both considered "risk equivalent . " Since we believe that the latter is "safe", then we should accept the former is safe. This is GM food safety audit of a "risk assessment" - it's not going to prove GMO "absolute security",barbour lyon, but to assess it and the corresponding non-GM varieties compared to no increase in security risks. GMO safety review "Case Auditing" and "risk assessment" is GMO safety review in two basic principles. When a GM varieties appear when the "risk assessment" is how it? If we go to a strange place.</p>

    <p> by planting approval is safe product,abercrombie paris, and those pass the audit, it was prohibited planted. When we say "Pork delicious" or "not good", intentionally or unintentionally, are compared with a standard to go. If there is no standard of comparison, so the question of "good" or "bad." A food safety discussions, too, if not a security baseline, vaguely talk about "security" - or, as many people expect "absolute security" can not be discussed. "Absolute security" can not be proved logically. We can not prove that eating on thousands of years of food is "absolutely safe". Such as peanuts, wheat,abercrombie france, beans, milk, cassava and other foods, we have a long history of eating, until modern times, people know they can make some people allergy or poisoning, serious enough to cause death. In general, we can accept those with a long history of food consumption is "safe". Therefore.</p>

    <p> and this object is achieved by the transfer of genes into implementation. Some people worry about "if the food was turned into a pig gene, Muslim compatriots to eat, how to do," purely unfounded. Are there genes help grow food, even turn will clearly be explained, will not lead to "eating" Not to mention the pork. Like hiring an employee will investigate their background, as in the prior transfer a gene should review its pedigree background. By gene transfer eating crops, must be "innocent life experience" - provided the gene species,chaussures femme pas cher, generally we need to have "a long history of safe use" non-toxic,barbour femme, does not cause allergies,abercrombie outlet, and so on. For example, the most common insect-resistant gene Bt, derived from a bacterium, is widely found in nature. From the beginning of the 1920s,chaussure nike femme, the expression product of the Bt gene in bacteria -Bt insect protein, was used as a "green pesticides", it can be used in organic cultivation. The Bt gene is transferred into the insect-resistant crops in time, Bt proteins have been decades of "safe use" of history. Secondly,giubbotti peuterey, we must determine the safety of gene expression products. For example, Bt gene expression product is Bt protein, we need to make sure it will be digested by the stomach,barbour france, not having an active, but not like eating after being worm is activated to produce toxicity. At the same time, we must make sure it does not cause allergies. Such as Golden Rice.</p>

    <p> turn into the gene expression product out of the carotene. Security audits need to confirm this with the express carotene carotene people usually eat the same,abercrombie soldes, and in the normal rice consumption does not exceed "safe intake." After the third, but also consider the transferred gene, it is not it will affect the crop gene expression,barbour paris, resulting in harmful ingredients. Modern molecular biology techniques have been able to more clearly identify the influence after gene transfer to other genes. If there is no impact.</p>

    <p> then the chemical composition of GM crops and traditional crops corresponding to no substantial difference. If it does, you need to further evaluate these effects are good or bad. If it is good,doudoune parajumpers, that be a pleasant surprise; if it is bad, then this would sink like a stone of genetically modified crops. In fact, the other "traditional" breeding methods, such as miscellaneous home breeding, mutation breeding, are also likely to change in the third. Genetically modified species of environmental safety In addition to food safety, environmental safety of GM crops is the one aspect of the high-profile.</p>

    <p> "GM in the end secure safe?" In fact,giuseppe zanotti, this is a no answer. Transgenic is a technology,pjs doudoune, like "braised" is a technique, we can not answer "whether braised delicious," we can not answer, "GM is safe." You can make delicious braised meat, can not make delicious meat, can understand that, you should be able to understand: genetically modified crops can be made safe, it can be made crops unsafe to. When we talk about "whether Pork delicious," the time, only for a specific sauce. Similarly,barbour femme, when we discuss the "GM foods are safe," the time, that must be addressed to a specific GMO. This is a security audit of transgenic "case by case basis" - must be carried out safety audits for each specific product.</p>


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