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    <p> this did not become reality. But this is not important, because the real mieshi Almighty God said that in December 21, 2012. Believers are doing to prepare for that day. Fall "Play its part" system, enclosed space with extreme fear - insanity and sober. "I hate cult" he said. the fall is from the second half of 2011 began. Before that, she though of Eastern Lightning increasingly close, but still did not lose worldly desires. She holds a Chinese rural women's ultimate dream - to build a house. Liu Jinrong was a frugal man, almost mean, all this is to build a house. They have no land to cultivate, possess a house in the village not only a face, bring more affordable rental income. Liu Jinrong husband's boss at the factory was her uncle, I heard her home to build a house.</p>

    <p> secular Liu Jinrong disappeared, the house of God Meng Yu appeared. Learned to pray, there has been no denial Meng Yu Ling name evangelism and party. But by virtue of her own senior status and literary talent,sneakers zanotti femme, keep a slack attitude to participate,louboutin paris, want to go, do not bother to hide a hide opinions, but also to find a way to work a few times, brothers and sisters she did not say anything. Soon to 2005, Liu Jinrong 30 years old. By the end of that year, she was in a water heater parts factory when the workers. But in most of the "sisters" It seems that at the time of mieshi upcoming,bonnes affaires, but also a waste of time to go to work, are "Satan's troubling,hollister roma est," she needs to be saved. They often come to her, also frequently stuck in the party, between entangled "sister" and assembly line work. "Mind you calm down." She recalls. Before that day to go to work, a few sisters to pull her to the party. She evade the, or go to the classes. But while driving bed, no focus, "wind" to look at her right index finger was turning obliterated. Concerns of the workers come around,abercrombie et fitch, but the first thought to pop out mind is: PM must go to the party. On the way to the hospital, her mind is full of retribution had heard stories of the godless. "I'm scared ah. I was thinking,abercrombie bologna, maybe God really is discipline me, blocking me." After hospitalization, she uncharacteristically, pray every day, and kept it around for everyone to preach the gospel, do not sleep at night, led the people sing the same ward. Soon the New Year. Light condition are discharged home, the entire building only two patients and two wards. She sang loudly, so that two people can be heard. Soon, disability sister Meng Yu return party. She no longer taunt "brothers and sisters", although sometimes still have some doubts.</p>

    <p> once again she was a trusted. A week later, the superior asked her, "read it?" "When I saw, I did not find what you want." She returned. "You have to pray to God." Prayer Kneel, pray and spirit name, in the secular disappeared, reborn in the spirit world - the end of the world to come. This is one of the few all-powerful God of the ceremony. Almighty God of no food taboos, not to join the church ceremony, there is no fixed church. But he has served as the "Church of the leadership" of Liu Jinrong even still never know what to pray. "Pray ye?" Asked Liu Jinrong. "People do not deserve to see God in prayer when you have to close your eyes." The other said, "piously kneeling on the ground, if and too hard,veste barbour, kneeling on the bed also, God does not ask you to. As long as your heart for God, for God said,louboutin prix, 'Open me,barbour 2015, let me see your mystery of it.' " Liu Jinrong looked on,zanotti chaussure pas cher, smiling not. "God was looking at it. You are not afraid of being punished?" She was reprimanded. "Just that moment, I suddenly a little scared. Originally Well let's a little superstitious, what God Ghosts, she said,veste barbour, I would honest." Liu Jinrong "China News Weekly" memories. But she still will not do. The other said.</p>

    <p> but in her heart, no longer as blurted out as before; all past her dismissive of the rules,abercrombie 2015, and now she is a serious effort to fulfill. Once rebellious pride Liu Jinrong, finally became pious and loyal followers Meng Yu. A little time in the past, Meng Yu active in one party and evangelism activities. In 2008, the event continues to happen in China. First, the violence in Lhasa,abercrombie milano, followed by the earthquake, followed by another encounter the Olympic flame being robbed. Within the church began to these scattered facts together, in order to prove "God is about to Mieshi" pre-judgment. They claimed that the Beijing Olympics will certainly not held China to chaos. Of course.</p>

    <p> "Then you answer 'Amen'." After the prayer a few times, was really not laugh. Almighty God in prayer and evangelism has its own set of language patterns. For example, they will read through the book called "eating and drinking myth",abercrombie & fitch, to be called together to discuss the "traffic truth",hollister 2015, the "effect" as the "fruit of" the curse known as the "curse." In this way and through the use of vocabulary inverted sense of rhetoric, the language to create a both familiar and strange alienation effect, not only can produce religious sense and not make the Chinese mainland audience can not understand. For the faithful live in the county and in rural areas it is both detached and homely.</p>

    <p> it has a wonderful appeal. Prayer ended, the higher criticism Liu Jinrong, "you have believed for so long,piumini peuterey, not even prayer. Prayer is God and man another communicates with God, you talk about the truth. You can not betray God." the other side also told her, "only pray, God will remember you, bless you, the disaster came,hollister soldes, God will know who you are. So you have to play a spiritual name." Liu Jinrong heard believers around the spirit of the name. In order to show sincerity, we once played are "loyal" "follow" or similar names. Later, the church asked the faithful to the spirit of the name change of some more secular, so many people have changed, "Liu ", when taken mieshi "stay" means under. But in the end how named, there is no fixed norm. Two or three days, Liu Jinrong overheard someone in the street shouted names like Meng Yu. This woman loves to sing in mind suddenly flashed,louboutin prix, "Meng Yu" is the word. This is more like a decade ago the girls loved QQ name, Liu Jinrong decided as a spiritual name. When to go to the party, she decided to tell everyone. Since then.</p>

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