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    <p> Hong Kong businessmen to participate in the summer promotions target for overseas visitors) EdBEIJING, April 10, according to Taiwan,abercrombie & fitch, "Central News Agency" reports, the KMT 9 confirmed that the 10th will be announced, "the KMT Forum" (ie, cross-strait trade and cultural forum) the time, place and who led a delegation to visit. According to reports,giuseppe zanotti, the forum held in early May plan, the possibility of a large delegation led by KMT Chairman Chu. According to reports,chaussure femme pas cher, the progress of the preparations for the Forum, pointed out that the KMT familiar with cross-strait affairs,sneakers zanotti homme, arrived roughly constant, but there are still some details such as the venue to keep the other party to confirm. Reported that in the past Lien Chan,basket nike, Wu Poh-hsiung, who attended the forum once the identity of the party chairman, whether the visit by the Chu led the team? KMT executives said during a visit Hong Chu openly said, KMT Chairman to participate in the Forum "is a very natural thing." It reports that this statement indirectly confirmed Chu led a delegation of high possibility. The full name of the KMT-CPC forum Cross-Strait Economic,nike tn pas cher, Trade and Culture Forum,barbour femme, has held the ninth, the KMT and the CPC leaders to reach a consensus in April 2005, decided to establish regular communication between the two parties form an important platform aims set parties wisdom, to discuss cross-strait the people most concerned about, the most urgent problems to be solved. EdMa Ying-jeou (Information) March, Chen is willing photoBEIJING, May 11, according to Taiwan, "Central News Agency" reports, Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou said today that the "1992 consensus" already exists for 23 years, there is no "1992 consensus" can not have the status quo now, any history The politicians have to understand can not be ignored. Today, Ma Ying-jeou met with American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Chairman Burghardt and a pedestrian. Burghardt annual routine visit, on the issues of Taiwan-US relations and the Taiwan authorities to exchange views on top. Ma Ying-jeou said that the recent one-month cross-strait relations become the focus of concern to everyone.</p>

    <p> someone asked,giuseppe zanotti, "1992 consensus" in the end it exists or not, in fact, the "1992 consensus" already exists for 23 years,doudoune pjs, there are people in the discussion of this issue,hollister milano, which is very interesting phenomenon. He recently put out historical documents to establish the "1992 consensus" not only exists, he took office seven years have seriously implemented, there is no "1992 consensus", there can be no status quo now. Ma described the relationship between the "1992 consensus" cross-strait relations is the "consistency is flourishing.</p>

    <p> to restore the image of Hong Kong as a whole, there are more than 16,000 Multi-shops participation, good atmosphere, the results have been considered ideal,peuterey outlet, during the summer there will be a second wave of large-scale promotional activities,abercrombie paris, the object for overseas travelers. By the Quality Tourism Services Association's "happy with the number of big action" has been implemented in recent weeks, action should be born on the 8th convener Lee said that at present more than 16,abercrombie pas cher,000 shops to participate in activities, to offer concessions.</p>

    <p> now a good atmosphere,peuterey 2015, and almost expected action from the preparation to the implementation of time less than a month,abercrombie france, can be called in a short time over a million between businesses participate, the results have been considered ideal. But Lee should admit students, the introduction of hasty action, if there is more time for preparation and publicity,pigalle louboutin, so that businesses can have more time to staff Profile preferential action, and the next couple of months, will further strengthen publicity, so that all parties cooperate more Okay. He stressed that makes everyone happy is the primary objective of the activity, the number is only second. Li Ying-sang, also known as,hogan rebel, due to the action quite well, there will be a second wave of large-scale promotional activities during the summer, object-oriented overseas visitors,louboutin soldes, when passenger arrival will receive a small gift, and at the airport of entry will raffle and other activities . (Original title: Yu Wan.</p>

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