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  1. LLLOO6

    Woman cheat more than 90000 cases of jade jewelry was sentenced to life imprisonment

    Wang Jing lied to the pawnshops shareholders, managers or fictitious cooperation with the victims of jade jewelry business, to borrow goods, after payment fraud multi-person jade jewelry totaling more than 9,000 million fake new cartier bracelet yuan, these cheated ornaments and more for the pawn, pledge set funds. After the first instance was sentenced to life imprisonment, Wang Jing appealed. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday that the High Court of Final Appeal to maintain the original verdict fake means false identity cooperation

    36-year-old Wang Jing high school culture, Beijing Nanyang Huaxin Trading Company two branch manager. The first trial found that between 2011 and 2013, Wang Jing lied to himself or his relatives as the shareholders and managers of Beijing Lund Pawn Co., Ltd., with strong financial strength and made his relatives undertake projects such as gift giving in Shanxi and Shijiazhuang , Pretended to cooperate with the victims of jade jewelry business, has cheated Mengmou and other people a total of more than RMB 90 million worth of money. Wang Jing will cheat most of the items were pawn, consignment or pledge. Among them, Mengmou Wang Jing cheated more than 60 pieces of jade jewelry, worth 45.46 million yuan. Before the incident, Wang Jing Mengmou only paid 2 million yuan cheated experiencing thousands of bracelets in exchange for short checks

    Mengmou testimony shows that in early 2013, the elevator in a Beijing building occasionally encountered Wang Jing, the other said the father in Shijiazhuang, the father took a major project to invest several hundred million dollars, you need to send forty-five million yuan gift, asked Meng a No jade ornaments. She said that after the project money in place you can buy a lot of things, 'Wang Jing to buy some jewelry that month, let Mengmian preparation 1 million to 5 million gold bangle cartier fake jade pendant, said before the things are too cheap. She said that these goods must first get her to see the father of Shanxi, can see the payment, despised to be returned, and said there are 40 million yuan in the project money in place Wang Jing Mengmou gave two short Check, but told each other not to tangle, the money is in place, continue to prepare the value of 10 million yuan of jewelry. As a result, Mengmou took more than a friend from Pei Cui jewelry, one of the bracelets worth 10.6 million yuan. However, the final exchange is still two short checks. In the meantime, because Wang Jing has been settling some of the arrears one after another, Mengmou did not suspect the crime was defeated, defendants lead to the incident

    Watching 61 pieces of jade jewelry was taken away by Wang Jing, the money did not recover, then lost contact. Mengmou had to find Wang Jing pawn shop. To his surprise, Mr. Wang, the staff's mouth, was introduced to Wang Jing as a shareholder by duty manager Zhu, whose status was just an ordinary client. August 15, 2013, Mengmou alarm, but not his being deceived It is reported that Wang Jing's husband Lee claimed to have Wang Jing's driver, sent a check to the victim, and told each other very powerful Wang Jing family. After the incident, he said Wang Jing confessed to him, and if others asked about her situation, he said. When Meng asked him, he said that Wang Jing was a pawnshit shareholder. Relevant staff pawnshop later admitted that the company staff called Wang Jing Wang is always on behalf of large clients final verdict to maintain life sentence

    At the hearing, Wang Jing denied its fake identity and did not fabricate the fact that the arrears arrears are normal operations. Her defense lawyer said Wang Jing new cartier bracelet fake pawn goods is a way of financing and sale, there is no illegality of the court that it is based on Wang Jing's own fictional economic power, making the victims easily deliver property. Wang Jing, possession of a large number of victims of property, but quickly used to pawn pledged to hide the true whereabouts and use a large number of short checks repeatedly delayed the repayment date. When the funding chain is broken, hiding its whereabouts, showing its subjective intention of illegal possession. After the victim learned that the goods were consigned to consignment, Wang signed the sale and purchase agreement, but only a remedial measure took place after the Wang Jing scam. A large number of deceived items have not been found or can not be recovered, or set up other rights, resulting in hundreds of millions of victims of huge losses Some victims think pawnshops manager Zhu and others should be joint suspects, the court that the prosecution and Without prosecution, the court can not make the criminal law evaluation. At the same time, the existing evidence can not be determined to hold the property involved in the crime of possession of malicious ways to obtain the dispute can be resolved by other means Finally, the court sentenced Wang Jing to life imprisonment for fraud and confiscation of all personal property continue to recover the proceeds of more than 9000 cartier bracelet new copy million Also victims. After the verdict of the first instance, Wang Jing still appealed to deny the fraud, saying that it belonged to the legitimate business, and his defender believed that it belonged to civil loan disputes. City High Court dismissed the appeal, maintain the original verdict.

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