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    ,<p> not when weeping few times, next to lawyers occasionally inserted a few words. A few days ago,louboutin prix, the man at work when the unfortunate "injury", which will positively and workers compensation issues where consultations ... When over the past year, the injured man, the lawyer, who was standing in front of Yinzhou court dock,louboutin pas cher, along with a judge hammer fall,moncler piumini, the group was sentenced for fraud, respectively. � correspondent reporter Yin Shan Fang Lei Workers arrived soon suddenly falls Boss rushed to pay medical expenses Crutches man why the victim suddenly became a swindler? Things have to start from last year. "Oh,, help ah,nike pas cher, my legs can not move!" Last year, the morning of August 4,zanotti homme, Southern within Yinzhou Business Area basement construction site,chaussures louboutin,, came the cries of pain. Wensheng workers have come, I saw your hand over the right leg injured workers fell to the ground, next to a ladder,, after others asked that the worker accidentally fell from a ladder and hurt the leg.</p>

    <p> wrote in microblogging,chaussure louboutin pas cher, read Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi "Waves", "Murdoch calumny as waves deep,louboutin homme, Mo Yan Shen Zhuke like sand. Amoy thousand square Luk though hard,air max pas cher, Chuijin Until the beginning to the gold. "After his release, he wrote in the New Year's Eve" New Year's Eve that, in addition to love and dream, all zeros. would like to thank all my friends, colleagues, relatives I This special period of care with regards to "microblogging. after being arrested, the original creative team section team another group of team members, the founder of another with local original comic-based magazine --- "good comic." "Good Music" in February 2015 issue of Shikan Hao, from the Yangtze River in Hubei Newspaper Group and the Tianjin diffuse cultural co-produced entertainment. According to an employee diffuse entertainment culture introduction.</p>

    <p> former "Friends Man off" godfather Zhu Jiajun also the leadership of the company, in addition to "good comic" magazine, also in charge of other areas of the company. Concert at odds with some management was arrested more than two months after the chairman of Salon Media Group Hu Hoon Choi was dismissed because of problems involving naked officials. The news came very suddenly. The first half of 2014, has reached the age of Hu Hoon Choi had handed a request to continue working for 5 years, it has received approval of their superior. But on August 27, Hubei Province Women's Federation to the bosom of middle-level cadres, Hu briefed Hoon Choi was dismissed from the party secretary and chairman of the news, the afternoon of August 27,air max pas cher chine, Hu Hoon Choi deposed within the group issued a formal document. Salon Media Group's development after 2000, the most dazzling is the "Concert diffuse customer." 2006 invited Hu Hoon Choi from Guangzhou Concert leaving to join the media. Even in the network and the impact of new media, "Friends Man off" still have sprung up everywhere. According to the prospectus, in 2013, around the "Friends Man off" sales of publications, it has gone beyond the "Salon" magazine.</p>

    <p> then the site will be responsible for sent to hospital for treatment. Injured worker surnamed Zhao, 40 years old, first came to the site less than a week. Doctors then to Zhao took X-rays,, to do a CT, MRI and other checks, and feel no problem, only to find the roots of his right leg through injury significantly. How throws with through injury? Zhao explained that it was a dozen years ago, old wounds,, but has said his right leg numbness, pain, the doctor will recommend their hospital for observation for several days. Zhao's company boss who heard their condolences, and immediately pay the medical expenses. Zhao really hurt it? In fact, there is much. Ten years ago, Zhao right leg had been stabbed with a knife, because it is through injury, causing his right leg nerve injury,air max pas cher pour femme, after injury of his right leg activity not very flexible, but you can walk. Last July, Zhao at home watching TV, an "old wounds take to Pengci" news caught his attention. July 28,nike tn, Zhao business district to the south of a construction site Yinzhou candidates, became a worker. On the day more than 9:00, the word ladder he stood on the bridge to do, no one else close to this time,, the last two workers was a beam blocking the line of sight. "Opportunities come!" Zhao slowly from the 4th floor to go down the ladder.</p>

    <p> when less than one meter away from the ground,tiffany outlet italia, he deliberately to the edge of a reliable,nike air max, both man and the ladder fell to the ground in the past, it has the previous scene. Founded four "crew" good points "role" After the claim to the site every day Has successfully "injured",barbour france, the next step is to claim. In the ward, Zhao and his wife to discuss the best to find a helper to understand the point of the law for money.</p>

    <p> accounting for more than Liucheng Salon Media's total revenue. Hoon Choi with Hu's own words,, Zhu Jiajun is recycling a bosom friend. However, at least three of the respondents said that relations with some companion media management discord. A former "Friends Man off" management told the Southern Reporter: Zhu Jiajun sense of obligation, carelessly, but the attitude of the product is very serious, abnormal pursuit of perfection,nike air max femme, and Steve Jobs like, there is a circle nicknamed "Lee madman." "Because the paper, printing and other issues, worked with Hu Xun Bi 'filmed several tables.' Hu also scolded once in a bi-hoon brother serving in Concert Xun Jie Hu after drunk." (Original title: 10000 jailed for taking bribes was sentenced to eight months Concert former vice president of media released from prison) EdDoor to compensation,air max 90 pas cher, Zhao seriously injured a construction site seemingly door, throw away the crutches and walkingProject construction site office within the Department,louboutin soldes, a middle-aged man with a cane under the arm of his family and the site owner negotiations.</p>

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