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    <p> "I am willing to go to foreign countries to buy delicious, spoken with find foreign grandmother thought ..." � Tracking Send food and bottled water often university entrance Jinling Evening News media colleagues told reporters,bonnes affaires, photographs foreigner named Lu Jiesen,zanotti pas cher femme, Nanjing University, students who are now participating in the work. In the afternoon, he sat near the McDonald's window seat, looking out through the glass grandmother begging. So he went over to the two chips to divide a grandmother, two people drink and chat. Because the teeth is not very good, grandmother ate half, it will be returned to Lu Jiesen fries. Lu Jiesen after sitting eating chips, and later buy the water to the grandmother, sat around 10 minutes. According to the grandmother, said Lu Jiesen the Chinese speak very well, quite fluently. Claiming to have 83-year-old grandmother,sneakers zanotti homme, Anhui,abercrombie pas cher, Nanjing University has been a year or two the door begging. Her ear is good, but the eye is not good. For a long time, passing students often will buy something grandmother,bonnes affaires, fruit,hollister milano, water, packaged noodles and so on, and some are specially bought for grandma. Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | hot microbloggSmall Wenxuan lying on the glass on the table doing their homework.Two years ago,chaussures femme pas cher, Lixin Ying, 35, work in the North Sea in Shandong Binzhou office, Du Wenxuan 6-year-old daughter, a worry-free life. But a sudden disease, changed life mother and daughter. Two years later, Li Xinying exacerbations,zanotti chaussure pas cher, if not surgery,zanotti pas cher sneakers, time is running out. At this time Du Wenxuan daughter who just turned 8 years old.</p>

    <p> when to give definite answer, he slumped about, "At that time, I think the heavens," said. In order to let the family worry, we discuss the decision to temporarily hide the family, secretly hoping to cure. Choice Lixin Ying expectations he did not become a reality, the condition is still deteriorating. In early 2009, just when everyone ready to celebrate the occasion of the New Year, Li Xinying nose started bleeding, fever. New Year's Eve the night before, the local hospital issued a critical condition notice. This time,escarpin louboutin, hiding her illness could not go on. Lixin Ying finally determined the choice of treatment with bone marrow transplants way. Subsequently.</p>

    <p> Lixin Ying's family began typing tests have been performed. But some detect down, only the mother and daughter Du Wenxuan Fengrong marrow accord. Mother almost 70, and marrow certainly inappropriate,outlet peuterey, but her daughter was old big,barbour france, how willing? Moreover, such a young age, whether it will affect her future development? said, was placed in front of her choice, a tough than one. Lixin Ying remember the days when her husband Du Yansong standing Peking University People's Hospital where his daughter called and asked her if she wants to donate bone marrow, a promise Du Wenxuan side of the phone down. "One is to help my mother, I would agree." Small Wenxuan said later,parajumpers homme, her father introduced her to the danger that may arise in bone marrow extraction.</p>

    <p> but the mother decided to donate bone marrow. June 17, June 18, Du Wenxuan has been done twice marrow surgery. But in front of her daughter, in addition to the risk of surgery, as well as high medical expenses. Sudden Yesterday morning,louboutins, in the Western District of North Lishi four West Building 2, 342-room, 37-year-old Li Xinying up a stretch,barbour 2015, "sick people need more movement." Because the treatment, she cut the hair, wear a mask,abercrombie france, but the biggest change is her weight. 2 years after the sick, she lost 37 kilograms. Lixin Ying original Shandong Binzhou the north shore office work, her husband is a peer, the two stable income, the family has 6-year-old daughter Wenxuan, had life pretty smug. But in July 2008, Lixin Ying suddenly got cold, appetite greatly reduced, "Sometimes food will spit it out," the body is also getting weak. July 30, local hospital diagnostic results show suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia. Du Yansong husband could hardly believe that he took the list to find the doctor.</p>

    <p> many users have had the support of beggars in the street, sharing food and other experiences,pjs doudoune, touch users that guy to sit down and eat together with the grandmother, "I feel suddenly warm up." Some netizens said with emotion, sometimes we vigilant attitude to the outside world, gradually becomes a cold. But we would like to take this scene "mutual encouragement", hope to face life much more love and gratitude. Famous actor Li Chen microblogging message said: "the truth in its own world, this time silence speaks a final rich and poor insight, End of the Ruobi this neighborhood." Also have friends that do not have "profound significance" foreign guy is a mere college student, "If you want it to earth", in which the country has, nothing special. User "PM climb and climb," said the transposition if to think.</p>

    <p> but she did not waver, "I just want to help my mom." Save the mother Yesterday morning, when a reporter knocked on the door, a small Wenxuan first jumped out: "Uncle good." Small Wenxuan bounce cited reporter Wang Wunei walking behind her, the mother Lixin Ying,hogan rebel, grandmother Fengrong .</p>

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