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    <p> the man to get off halfway, and look for a black car, wine and other items onto the black car,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the smashed safe away. May 30, investigators found another black truck driver in Liangxiang south side of the island. He told investigators, the man at a hotel door to get off tobacco and goods moved in. June 1,air jordan 4 retro rouge noir, smoke hotel owner told the police that the incident that night around midnight, he moved to a man of 10 bottles of Maotai take it, according to its requirements to 5000 yuan exchange to a bank card. Investigators thus locking named Ma. June 5,chaussure air jordan pas cher, 16 am, investigators Xihongmen town in Daxing District in front of the city will be named Ma arrested a bath. This year 29-year-old man named Ma Heilongjiang, had no criminal record. Named Ma said that he last year, with one effort after the Beijing Daxing a logistics company as porters. Since last October, named Ma began villas and high-end residential theft, has 14 cases of crime, the police have verified 11 cases. Including two cases involving the safe stolen, stolen goods worth a total of about 50 million. Named Ma explained that he usually first villa area in the Capitol, until the night, then a rarity in the family villa unmanned drilling window burglary, at most once, he stole more than 20 million in cash from the villa. Mamou Ping spending money recklessly, every night in the bath of the city overnight,nike tn officiel, but like gambling, gambled once a night more than ten million. When police arrested him, his body remaining 10,000 yuan in cash.</p>

    <p> but also playing a small abacus. So he went to Zhang Mingxuan home made false immigration status, defrauding immigrants subsidy payments requirements. Zhang Mingxuan nephew can not afford to cry, to arrange peace village heads Mou Zhang Song,bracciali tiffany, a 3 handle immigration subsidy registration,escarpin louboutin pas cher, he stamped with the seal of the village committee reported to the township government. From 2006 to 2013, Zhang Song defrauding 12,600 yuan subsidy immigrants, plus 2013 National 150 yuan per person per year and replacement (total 450 yuan), a total of defrauding 13,ultimo nike sneakers news,050 yuan Zhang Song immigration subsidies. Since then,louboutin femme, the village cadres Wang Yong, Wang also has found Zhang Mingxuan villagers. Zhang Mingxuan because of the sensibilities,louboutin pas cher, to help Wang Yong, Wang per overstated five false immigration status, immigrants were defrauded of 21,750 yuan subsidy payments. In January, Zhengyang County Procuratorate on suspicion of embezzlement of investigation, prosecution on August 21, Zhengyang County Court that, has constituted a crime of corruption, embezzlement and sentenced Zhang Mingxuan then submitted to three years imprisonment. Zhang Song, Wang Yong, Wang also embezzlement and sentenced respectively to give the corresponding. Prosecutors say Zhengyang County Procuratorate prosecutor Sui introduced,tn, embezzlement refers to national staff and by state organs, state-owned companies,nike tn officiel, enterprises, institutions, people's organizations to administer and operate state-owned assets,louboutin, taking advantage of his position to embezzle, steal , swindle or use other illegal means to acquire public property behavior. According to "Supreme People's Court on the trial of corruption, job occupation case explain how to identify several issues of common crime.</p>

    <p>" said staff colluded with ordinary citizens, together with corruption,air max pas cher femme, corruption and punished. Case, Zhang Mingxuan knowingly provided does not meet the conditions for registration of reported immigrant materials, and be approved reporting, killing three people cheat fact public property, which belongs to the common corruption crimes. As no spoils in the crime, it does not affect the identification of this crime. with Zhang Song, Wang Yong, Wang's 3 from the common crime of corruption play a major role in both, both the Department of principal,louboutin pas cher, shall be punished all the crimes in which they participate. (Original title: party secretary no profit also help cheat subsidy coBeijing Times (Reporter Yang Feng-Pro), a man dedicated to the late coming into the house unattended or high-end residential villas, high-grade alcohol.</p>

    <p> tobacco or text to play without a miss,air max femme pas cher, even moved one hundred kilos of the safe. Yesterday, Dongcheng police news release, into the villa suspects named Ma stole the safe was arrested in Bath City, currently named Ma has been under criminal detention. It is reported that the 14 named Ma confessed committing the crime, the police have verified 11 cases, most of which time he stole more than 20 million in cash. May 28 at 8 pm, East Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment received a report that a villa in the street outside Dongzhimen district Safes occurred case, there are more than 40,000 yuan in cash and other items, the total value of the loss of about 62,louboutin pas cher,000 yuan. After investigation investigators found a 27 evening a suspicious man from the south gate into the villa,louboutin, and at about 22:08, the two rectangular objects onto a taxi after leaving. After overnight fighting,louboutin soldes, investigators contacted the taxi driver. The driver recalled, taxi man halfway for a black car, the safe and the black liquor to move the car. May 29 22 am, investigators found black truck driver Zhang. He said that when passing a car repair shop, a taxi man borrowed a big hammer, breaking open the safe, removed the items inside. Then.</p>


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